There is no room for god in the finite or infinite universe

The sky is the limit, they boast.

Our unlimited future unfolds with unlimited possibilities!

Does anyone question or care to probe the gist of this flowery promise?

Unlimited, bottomless…infinite. The ostensible concept here is Infinite. Infinite is an everlasting word. It is the largest word in the human dictionary and shadows all others with its incomprehensibly monolithic presence. Nowhere else do so few letters assume such an unattainable sense of descent. Infinity is a concept of the higher mind and cannot exist in any rudimentary or primitive state. It is peculiarly human to comprehend the concept, and even among humans, it is not likely that many appreciate its essential manifestations.

Frankly, I hadn’t given it much thought either until I began reading Brian Greene’s The Hidden Reality last week. The idea of infinity, like human suffering or fried Twinkies, is one of those items that lingers on the outskirts of your consciousness and is occasionally aroused by some vague or random external stimuli, but it’s not something you embark upon understanding while devouring its elemental ramifications.

Of course, the elemental question that presages all this is basic: is the universe infinite? This is, what we don’t know, but that we certainly can rattle on about.

During my youthful astronomical stage I pondered infinity. To my young, fertile mind, the concept had a fantastic sense of surreal non-understanding and bafflement to it. The concept of infinity is startling, and if seriously contemplated, is much too grand and psychically disconnected to truly confront with our limited mind…not in the same way you can comprehend an apple or a tree. Infinity is a term of theoretical elusiveness and when we ponder its tendrils, we only grasp surface implications. It possesses only superficially cognitive value, but we know there is a deeper, mystical, sense of the word that we cannot live, now or ever. The idea of infinity naturally enfolds upon itself, swallows itself, and once consumed, evades. Comprehension of infinity, much like the jittery placement of particles behind the wavering haze of the Uncertainty Principle, is elusive and resists perception. We can only understand the blurry edges of infinity. Our mind, our living consciousness, which accompanies our journey through this clearly envisioned 3-dimensional worldly existence, is plainly finite; how then can we expect it to grasp such an unearthly species?

That said, the possibility of an infinite universe is rife with disheartening possibilities.
Why don’t you wrap your head around the infinite. Or try.

Space continues its trajectory never stops. Infinity is endless time as well, which is stupendous.

In such a context, possible as a concept fails to imply relevance. “Possible” is redundant in an infinite universe. In an infinite universe, a question we must instead ask if we wish for mortification, “is anything impossible!?

Possible as a description in an infinite universe is like postulating “water?” in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

In an infinite universe I would assert that there is no gray, no borderline sector of existence between yes and no, quantifications do not blur. In an infinite universe, it is Yes. Or it is No. Yes is not shocking in an infinite universe. But No is. In fact, in an infinite universe, the likelihood that there is another exact, identical reality to ours is not as dumbfounding as it sounds. Think of infinity and what it propounds. It infers infinite avenues and in such a universe “odds” and “chance,” however infinitesimally small, are no match for the conquering nature of infinity. Infinity, described (by me) as One, an absolute ordinate of ONE, and endowed by infinity with the ability to be only ONE and absolutely nothing else, is eternally larger than any slim possibility on the order of thousands of zeros. If the chance of something transpiring are 10 ¯¹ºº, then absolute 1, Infinity, continues to have room for these “atmospheric” odds to express themselves. It follows, that in Infinite space, another universe identical to our own, in every respect, exists. Down to the fried Twinkies.

Accepting such an astounding possibility does not trouble me.

What troubles me and impales the placidity of my mind like a psychic arrow, is the converse concept.

What is No in an infinite universe?

In an infinite universe, how do we express absolute “0?” How do we describe those “odds?” And what is capable of exuding them?
I believe the odds approaching true Zero (that which says No to infinity) are best surmised with playful contemplation of omnipotent presences.
Omnipotence, like infinity, is an absolute and irreducible concept.
Omnipotence, as a description, presumes to share the absolute ONE nature with infinity, but infinity is absolutely singular and cannot accommodate any trace of omnipotence. Attempts to scale omnipotence would be met by the imposing and inarguable rebuttal of infinity’s absolute ONE. An infinite universe has no room for Gods or magic for the only ruler and mastermind is infinity itself. This is who shall be worshiped.

In an equally large but finite universe, ONE does not exist.

The mortal .9999 (through the highest possible number of 9’s possible) is the quasi god who lords over entombed finite universe. In a finite universe, god cannot exist either, for absolute ONE is rubbish. God may approach ONE to a remarkable degree of .999 to the highest power physically possible, but his omnipotence is quashed by the perpetual infinite impossibility of ONE.

There is no room for god in either universe.
We deal in finite daily. This is our life.

We worship the infinite. Fill in the blank.