My untrained observations on female asses and low intelligence


I don’t write about intelligence often because, 1) I don’t know much about it, 2) I’m not intimately familiar with it.


After last night’s post about intelligence, I began thinking about intelligence some more. Once I start thinking about something, crazy shit is bound to happen, like perhaps a follow-up post about another observation I’ve made about intelligence from my not-too-keen mind.


See, even though I don’t write much about intelligence, this is not to say I don’t find the concept interesting. Rather, the aspect of intelligence I find most interesting is its presence in people as predicted by certain physiognomic traits. Intelligence and its attendant bell curved dispersal informs us that most people fall into a very broad category of intelligence which is neither extremely smart or extremely dim. Most people you encounter fall somewhere in that dreaded middle, including yourself, and maybe myself if I’m lucky. Hence, the physiognomy of most people is diffuse and indistinguishable as far as intelligence markers are concerned. You can’t deduce the intelligence of most people simply by studying external physiology. It’s not that easy. In fact, I’ve know a few people who look smart but aren’t very, and even rarer, people who look dumb while actually being quite bright. So I hesitate to damn or praise a whole group of physiological traits for lacking intelligence because blanket observations are doomed to implode.


This morning it occurred to me that there is a specific physiognomy I’ve seen in some women that appears to accurately indicate low intelligence. I’m talking about the truly dense. These women are not merely loitering at the lower limits of the central plateau of the bell curve. Nope, these women are entirely outside the realm of cognitive normalcy. They are superficially fine people and I have no ill-will toward them nor believe they are less deserving of my consideration. Not at all. What I am saying is that 3 of these slow-minded women who I’ve been acquainted with in the last 5 years share a similar ass, strikingly so. These women are slow and seem incapable of seamlessly processing a stream of data input efficiently and quickly. These are women to whom you need to speak slowly and clearly, for it is as if their ears are mired in quicksand. One of these women has perfected the art of the “deer in the headlights” look. Trying to explain anything to her is difficult and frustrating. Her brain seems to operate at 2.5 on the volume scale while the normal human is at about 5.2. She is excessively methodical which may be perceived as a favorable quality, but really is just indicative of a slow mind that seeks to structure everything into predictable and easily interpreted configurations in order to be rendered understandable and comprehensible for the slow mind. Many dense people are very methodical for this reason. It is their shortcut at organizing the input data into understandable parcels of easily digested information so as to not overburden their brain with the unrehearsed…for the dense mind is terrible at improvisation.


Anyways, back to this female body type.
These women all have immense asses. Now it’s not a large ass per se that indicates low intelligence. A large ass means nothing.


To clarify, they have very large, wide asses that still possess a measure of rounded proportion in spite of themselves. These asses, if studied minus the context of the rest of the body, might not look unusual. But these asses, though proportionate within themselves as a gluteal unit, are wildly disproportionate to the rest of the woman’s body. The ass is generally round and actually tapers into a somewhat shockingly dainty waist. It’s just that the ass flares out so imposingly as to appear to hamper comfortable mobility on the part of the afflicted woman. The ass is so unusually large as to overburden the rest of the frame and actually gives the appearance of sitting high as they waddle. Kind of like a really fat duck ass. That’s what these girls have all had in common. A really large duck-like ass that juts out. The ass of the low-IQ’d woman is generally of such mammoth proportions that it appears to have a life of its own and seems to faintly distend any sense of graceful perambulation. This is the ass type I’ve noted with 3 women who are obviously sporting