Food. Sports.

There’s nothing quite like a sunny and warm summer Sunday to plainly illustrate that which possesses the minds and souls of our intricate world. These unencumbered days of delusional liberty typify the latent human character and what it wishes to bleed from the essence of its life and reality. These are the days that shamelessly but pointedly tell us what we are made of…or not.

Being that my social life is decidedly and morbidly unconventional, I must rely on Facebook to peer into the bowels of the modern psyche in order to witness its cultural intransigence. To witness and experience that which I don’t.

I believe I can safely presume that there are 2 items which man’s precious existence revolves around in various measures of ferocity and passion: sports, and food.

That’s it.

This is what we care about. It’s all we care about. These are what we choose as our ethereal poisons in order to numb our minds and souls against the sharp ravages of a chaotic and undeserved short-lived and miserable existence.

Food and sports.

These are the real Opiate of our Mass. When we seek not to talk or contemplate, we immerse ourselves in food or sports. These are proxy activities for living.

We watch sports with the rapt attention of a herd of sheep blinking vacantly at the passing highway traffic. We chew on food with the absent obsessive determination of a cow ruminating dry grass. These activities allow us to escape the dire and unpleasant responsibility to be human. To feel. We don’t feel, we escape it by becoming lost in mindless outlets such as indulging in flavors and disconnected commercial exhibitions of faux competition.

It’s not that I harbor a grudge against food or sports. I merely dislike what they represent, the tools they have become by which our society seeks to soothe and quell distasteful but important torments.

Food and sports are escapes which cease to depict that which they represent intrinsically, but instead are wielded as foolish gadgets which allow us to manipulate spiritual hard work into a blinding pursuit of lazy carnal cravings.

Gluttony and escapist fantasy are manifestations of spiritual malaise and spinelessness which afflicts our generation. The commercialized exploitation of such slothful trends of course are food and sports. We seek these as a drug which leads us from the unpleasantness of life. In seeking escape, we abuse and debase our fantastical fixations. Inhumanly negated, these activities turn on us coldly and reflect the illness afflicting our communal consciousness.

Food and sports can, and have, represented soothing forms of escape in the past from harsh environmental circumstances; still, people braved the world when it was called upon them for they did not shirk such burdensome responsibilities. The problem is that now these activities have become escapes from that very frightening reality we need to confront. They have mutated into activities which provide a reason to do anything but that which we should work towards.

In today’s world, food and sports are escapes from life, not from predicaments.