Pardon me, you’re stepping on my revolution

Uh, I really need to speak with you.
I have something to say. Please don’t take it personally.

I need to state my piece. Please understand that I’m not casting judgment for I realize this is not an issue of right or wrong. It’s an issue of “different.” That’s all. If it’s comforting, ultimately, in this battle, I am the loser. Clearly. I am outnumbered.

I need to talk to you.
You see, everything you do and stand for really, really, really fucks it up for someone like me. It’s people like you. You material, status-striving robots. It’s a chain reaction, a row of dominoes and the fuse was lit long ago.

The fuse was Ego and it was Want. The fuse was the need, an internalized desire you nurtured. You bought into the cultural paradigm of possessions and status markers, and the more you accumulated, the more you wanted. The more you wanted, more protective you became of what you had earned and ultimately you became a sniveling member of respectable society while learning to play the game and how to adore the rules that incrementally bled your last vestiges of humanity away and buried them beneath your engorged pile of gold.

You really mess it up for me.

You’ve bought into this excruciating set of expectations. You accept them with the quiet and conformist blindness of a lemming. You are taught to want and crave objects and titles and money without question. Doubt has been expelled from your genes. You’ve been inculcated to accept a minimum threshold of existence and yet you want more, more, more. In order to continue climbing the ladder of attainment, you must immerse yourself deeper into the consumerist matrix. You learn to adulate the rules and subsume your individuality and originality in order to propound the illusion that you are featureless and obedient cog in the wheel. To upset things, to be a different-shaped cog, means that the gears and mechanisms wiill come to a grinding halt You must play your pre-ordained part.

The reason you mess things up for me is that you have no problem relinquishing your inherent power as a human to the counterbalancing hunger for all the material crap that life teases you with. And Status is a whore, willing to sell her soul in order to find a cheap and ego-pleasing dominion.

This treasure cove is not free and it is not handed to you. You must work for it. So in the sphere of work you happily further subsume your humanity to a faceless corporate entity and you dare not take the shape of a disagreeable cog for you need this job because you need everything you are paying for and happily indebted to. Including your sanity to the tendrils of rules and governance.

You are a willing slave and you screw it up for people like me who fight the slavery. You underbid me at every turn because you need to pay the mortgage!

I fight the slavery.

I shield myself against the horrors of popular sociey with untenable displays of autonomy and self-respect. But no one cares because someone like you will step in and sell your last drop of blood in order to prop up the cannibalistic system which thrives on people willing to live their life at a 60% level of humanity while trying to fill in the other 40 with houses, cars, salaries, bonuses, gym memberships, cable packages, Smart TV’s, Smart phones, designer coffee. You are easy prey for the masters when they come looking for obsequious slave labor. And there you are, happily bounding into their arms like the shell of a person you are, simply so you can fulfill the materialistic dynamic. For what?

And there I am, stupid me, scaling back, eschewing as many material comforts and longings as possible because I refuse to be indentured to any master, but instead of making a sensational statement that has an effect, I’m easily ignored and defanged because of people like you, people who continue to feed the system with ill-advised and single-minded base desires. Mute obedience are the pillars and archways of the oligarchical global castle.

The revolution is for sale. The revolution invariably is rooted from within and thus will always bolster the reigning paradigm. Revolutions are not about economics or equality or health care or access or overthrow; revolution as it is envisioned is molded within the framework of needs and wants and thus does not look backwards or in any direction other than the attainment of MORE. The attainment of more colludes to collect our forces while simultaneously imparting the illusion that there are divergent goals and agendas.

If the common goal is proliferation of charmed self-deception, what does it matter if we travel roads rife with conflicting ideologies. The goal is the same.

The only revolution is the negation of the forward inertia of human ambition. The revolution is to stop.

The real real revolution is a backwards spin, a knuckle-ball of values that departs from common trajectory. It is to not want, to defy the nature of modern man.

You and your type. All you do is want and want and want. And want.

You really fuck me up.