The Silent Seer

I’m persuaded all great revelations and insights of knowledge and understanding are not results of direct or full frontal consideration.

Magnificent, startling discoveries and paradigm shifts inevitably sneak up quietly, stealthily, like a cat in the night. We stumble upon timeless knowledge obliquely. Great genius is not spawned by ceaseless and pointed effort or repetition. It is characterized by the dawning of an imperceptible stream of insight that spills into the shallow depths of our consciousness.

Genius is indefinable and indivisible. It is a sleek offering of the subconscious and cannot be conjured with the clumsy efforts of disruptively alert awareness. When one stumbles upon a cathartic notion, it is not rehearsed nor the boring ploy of our deliberately seeking conscious mind. Discoveries and realizations which shatter our world are first greeted in thin slivers of reality and never face to face. Massive realizations are borne on the faintest smoky billows of reality.

Pink Floyd, in “Comfortably Numb,” sang:

For this is the inevitable path of all striking intellectual insight, both creative and scientific. In our 5-sensed, tangibly structured world, we are accustomed to dealing with the visible reality our senses shape for us and subsisting on it solely for all input; it conveys to our brain the state of the physical world, and after a lifetime of such lazy correlations, we are lazily trained that this physical world is all. Our perceptions, limited and confined, thus serve to self-perpetuate our limited vision.

We lose the ability to see a world that dances beyond our frontal vision, the world that lingers and beckons in the corners of our eyes.

The periphery of our vision is where the silently unseen wondrous treasures of life’s beguiling knowledge rests and awaits. Such heightened knowledge is of such delicate nature that it cannot bare its existence to the coarse and rudimentary spotlight of our obvious senses. It seeps into our field of vision, and if we allow ourselves to accept the sub-layer of knowledge that dances lightly outside our earthly existence, we may see it too.

The more grounded and steeped we are in modern appliances and artificial existences, the weaker our ability to perceive the field of vision that rests beyond our typical humanly perspective. Great knowledge, great creations, are not dueled out of the darkest depths in hand to hand battle. They are raised to existence slyly and unseen by the ethereal hands of our inner eye.

The conscious pursuit of knowledge is strangely the destroyer of curiosity. For any conscious pursuit of knowledge is self-aware and consequently at the mercy of egotistical manipulations and ulterior refrains.

Conscious unfolding of knowledge is understandable, but only once the wider and more subtle discoveries have been made by the silent voice. The “silent seer” finds the treasure cove; conscious pursuit of knowledge digs and unearths it for all see to freely with their plain senses.