Those who take up space…and those who don’t

She got some heat for this post about the obtuse existence of proles and all their trashy, mediocre accoutrements. Scrutiny of proles, and their prolish behavior, has been beaten to death among the social pathologists nailing the final one on the coffin of our modern sociological dystopia. Sofia’s post revived the quandary, and without getting into the nuts and bolts of her opinions (which I agree with), she said something that struck a familiar nerve. A simple statement I’ve often thought. I assumed my personal manner of phrasing it was an esoteric, non-transferable observation; however, upon reading her words which expressed what I felt in exactly the same way I would have stated, it was quite gratifying for some reason. I’m speaking of this simple sentence from her post:

Which leads me to my next point, prole people take up a lot of space.

She hit the nail on the head. It is so fucking true.

Proles take up space. Their footprint exceeds good reason and is inversely proportional to the size of their contribution to society.

This is Prole Axiom #1: The size of a prole’s societal footprint is inversely proportional to the magnitude of his contribution to the continued sustenance of society.

Hence, proles, blossoming and wilting in unproductive and unoriginal insignificance, lace society with a dispersed and swollen sense of soulless, complacent ennui. In this complex and cluttered world in which crass consumerism and lifestyle-based drama seek the lowest level, it is those residing at that very level who are the most likely to litter their existence with perpetual bouts of spiritual listlessness all blending into one long indistinguishable procession of years. Proles do take up space. Proles with their renowned lack of foresight, discipline, good sense, logic, conscientiousness, are the licentious bottom-feeders who accumulate layer up layer of moral and economic detritus until it begins to overflow the boundaries of their lives and slog right into the ordered existence of the rest of us who live mindfully.

Proles lead lives of convulsive series of reactions and counteractions. They don’t plan shit properly and they are always mending and fixing and demanding and holding up lines and inconveniencing others with their detours through time and space. Proles are always overreaching and topping their lives off to the brim as if life was one long all-you-can-eat buffet of drama and yearning. Whereas reasonable people embrace smart minimalism and simplicity, proles practice “maximalism.” I made that word up but it applies. Proles, lacking a standard sense of intellectual or moral fulfillment, consider it their good fortune and a measure of success if they can accumulate the archetypal prole fixations. Proles love SUV’s, they love lots of children, and they love pets. Why do proles love pets so much when they are normally burdened with a fairly large ill-behaved brood as it is? Invariably, the pet is usually misbehaved and temperamental. Proles love crowded and noisy households. Their lack of foresight births situations in which they stall the flow of normal life because their short-sightedness is demanding and requires special attention. Proles hold up lines. Their ill-advised choices clog the lubrication of smoothly flowing social structure.

Proles do take up space, not only in the physical sense, but in the ethereal social sense as well. They take up that meta-space which reasonable people share in tolerable portions. Proles take up more space than they’ve earned. Proles cause discomfort and unbalance; they foment upheaval with their irresponsibility. Whereas a finely-tuned society is possible as long as members act in coherent and reciprocal unison, its facade merely shatters when large segments of its populace act like wayward imbeciles. The cart is overturned and the equilibrium is distorted.

Proles take up all the space, and what becomes the rest of us who thrive on responsibility? Why, we make do with less space. We are minimalists. We don’t take up very much space.