Six hours of carnage

Rialto is quite a ways east of Los Angeles. It’s out by San Bernardino in the Inland Empire…perhaps past the San Bernardino county line even. Last night the community was the scene of one of those countless, random killings you hear, see or read about in the news almost weekly, especially in this Southern California megalopolis which ungratefully offers a seemingly endless supply of evil tragedies. The latest despair to issue from the local news was the shooting of a 19-year-old man in Rialto, Joseph Michael Huizar,who, along with his girlfriend, decided to grab some late night fast food from a local Taco Bell drive-through at one in the morning. It was a fateful choice.

Man, being a parent in today’s aggrieved world is a truly agonizing journey; a relentless stressful experience. You’re always walking on the eggshells of fate because teen-aged kids do what they do. Which is keep late hours. I did it, a lot. That long, torturous interval between midnight and 6am is when the monsters come out. The beasts are unleashed and the civilized are best advised to stay inside, lock the doors and shut the windows because they will come for you. Those 6 hours are when the murderers, the robbers, the drug addicts, the psychopaths, the blitzed drivers, all feel compelled to flaunt their vicious wares. Throughout my late teens and 20’s I can’t begin to think of all the times I was out roaming the streets during these witching hours. Maybe every stinking weekend. In fact, many of those late weekend nights I was one of the monsters. I was the drunk monster who murderously climbed behind the wheeel of a car. I fell asleep once and ran down a sign, a few other times I made a drunken “miscalibration” which shortened my car’s life span by a few years each. All of these secret incidents could have murdered.

Those 6 hours are when the lowest and most depraved rule the land.

It’s like turning the light on in your kitchen to get a glass of water at 2:30am and a roach scurries away from the surprising light. If you were to magically hang the brilliant sun in the sky suddenly at 2 in the morning, you would watch similarly as hordes of stricken and confused lecherous humanity fled the light for the shadows.

I’d like to keep a log. A chart. Tally up a rough compendium of crime statistics graphed by time of day. I’ve not been able to find a public record of such figures, but I can’t imagine such a database does not exist. It would be the most plainly obvious statistical chart for it would tell us what we know. Night brings shadows and invisibility. It is the time when, as a child, you see the boogeyman and hide beneath the sheets. Night brings death and inhumanity and in Los Angeles, the boogeymen are alive. Where do they go during the day?