Aggressive conformity

“Aggressive conformity.”
Is this an oxymoron?
Or is it supercilious rendition of simple “ambition?”

Aggressive conformity can be an oxymoron in the sense that aggression implies a dynamic approach to manipulating one’s present, short- or long-term existence. Conversely, conformity implies a stability that hinges upon the indisputable principled acceptance and demure obedience to a favored class of behavior. Conformity can be self-limiting in that it threatens to acquiesce to the comfort of boundaries and limits, whereas aggression insinuates that no state of existence is completely palatable.

Ambition is not necessarily aggressive conformity.

Ambition is simply a description and quality of a self-imposed desire to attain a personal level of accomplishment which can be defined as anything the owner finds a sense of accomplishment in achieving. Ambition does not need lead one to the golden path of material success or inflated status. Ambition does not denote wealth nor privilege. Ambition is merely the desire to reach a threshold of existence that one does not currently possess and the personal ability to act on such goals. Ambition is necessarily accompanied by some degree of fortitude and discipline, otherwise it’s just daydreaming. I’ve known people who, living in squalor or poverty, possess humble ambitions (at least in the context of modern American fixations with celebrity-level standards of glittery living) but still, the ambition to lead an inconspicuous middle class, stable existence is nevertheless an ambition for this person since it is a retreat from the drudgery of every day life for him.

Ambition need not be materialistic. Ambition can be lofty and selfless and ascetic. Mother Theresa and St. Thomas Aquinas and Adolf Hitler had ambitions, hardly to be construed as anything remotely materialistic however. Ambition of the non-monetary type can be the most destructive and the most illustrious for it is not for sale. Ambition of this sort escapes the purgatorial traps of materialism and elitism. Ambition, in its purest sense, is “principled.” Regardless of whether you agree with its ultimate aim.

Aggressive conformity is ambitious, but not all ambition is aggressive nor conformist. This is an important distinction. Aggressive conformity is a pollution of the basic human need to exist. Aggressive conformity elevates the nature of man to destructive levels of self-coercion. Aggressive conformity ambitiously seeks to uphold the patent banalities of existence and, in fact, seeks to elongate them to unnatural levels. Aggressive conformity painfully withers away adventurousness and liveliness because it is focused entirely on refining and perfecting the tools that exist now, in this dimension. Aggressive conformity is fearful of the extra-dimensional. Aggressive conformity does not seek to transcend human nature; it only wants to expand it util it can stretch no more. Aggressive conformity mutates, it does not proliferate. Aggressive conformity’s putative duty is to uphold the status quo by strengthening its armor.

Our’s is an age of aggressive conformity.
We live in an era molded by the feminine sensibility, for indeed, aggressive conformity is predominantly a female mindset and, as such, has infiltrated the highest echelons of management and intelligentsia and political power. The torch of aggressive conformity reigns strong in our social culture. Aggressive conformity suffocates the trailblazing spirit of commerce and turns schooling into a voracious devourer of young minds, refining and sharpening with the scholastic tools of established doctrine while simultaneously damping any sense of revolution. Aggressive conformity dulls the arts, turns entertainment droll and derivative. Aggressive conformity had a hand in attacking our economy and leaving it in the state it is now.

Aggressive conformity encourages the human mind to feed on itself.