Primary genes

I believe our genetic blueprint, the primal architecture which forms what we are, individually, that which has cooperated with our environment and created this being that sits here typing, is best represented as a color palate.

Pathological control freaks, those who aspire to a state of omnipotence, want to control genes. They want to mold genetic influences and shape them into any special clay formation they desire. They are excited as science progresses exponentially for they await the day, very soon, when science may finally allow us to mark and identify as many alleles as can be humanly studied in order to associate putative behavioral and physical traits with the chromosomal strands which have married to form our unique living body. They lust for the day technology and physiological science reaches a state in which man learns to fine tune and parse an individual’s genetic line-up in order to make him something that is fully predictable and made-to-order, like a computer made from scratch. They worship the notion of artificially compiling the perfect human (according to their blueprint). Inherent to such dreamy conjecture is the presumption that human character is indelibly etched in black and white and is as easily explicable as a detailed map of the chromosome which illustrates, in magnificent details, a pecking order of auspicious traits. There is an element of predictability , scientifically-grounded cause and effect, which coalesces and gives rise to the mythical human of artificial origins.

During the initial stages of this wonderful technology of human construction, our rudimentary knowledge will only allow us to control the most generalized and predictable traits. It will not be decidedly predictable or a given, that which we create. In addition, there is the environmental variable which further presents us with a wild card that trumps all our elite understanding of pre-ordained genetic manifestations. The intricate interplay between environment and genes is segmented into an infinite array of interactions and for us to presume to replay nature’s game with our rough hands is self-delusion. Not only do we need to be leery of the interplay between environment and genes. We need to realize that many behaviors and physiological traits are not purely biological. Once aqain, our rudimentary understanding may help us shape the blurry outline of a person but the intricate and mysterious details that fill in the shape are too localized to attempt predicting.

We are like the color palate. We are made up of several primary genes, correlating with primary colors. There are just a few primary genes, they control the big and the obvious; but each minute and shady combination of these primary genes creates secondary and tertiary and so on in a rising crest of infinite combinations. Within this infinite range of combinations of our primary genes are born the most oblique and invisible overlaps which make us what we are in their most hushed and secretive of primal language. Snowflakes. An unrepeatable astronomic array of genetic combinations that design our essence in measures which obey the most indecipherable and incomprehensible of all combinations. Environment, the other unknown element, joins to confound matters worse by clouding physical predictions behind the veil of human irrationality. It’s obvious we have our work cut out for us if indeed we wish to construct a world which answers to our scientific vanity.