The return of an old adornment

Blogs are, and should be, evolution.
They shouldn’t sit still or dwell.
Unlike human personalities, blogs owe no allegiance to any group, individual or structured expectation.
I’ve been doing this since August, 2009.
Before that, I had a blog which shall remain shamefully nameless in the year previous, and I closed it down suddenly, let it die, fade into stellar oblivion. Nothing to do with that anymore. Gone.

Genesis, I started anew, “Phoenixism.” Not terribly delighted with the name (or rather, rather smitten with the new), I dumped it for “An Unmarried Man.” Evolution.
I had no idea where I was going or what the hell I sought to digitally exude.
A couple of posts, Post #1 was random, aimless, just like this blog has endeavored to remain ever since!

But day 2…I felt it. I found a groove. A flow. A blog flow, bastards!

So unrehearsed, so unforeseen, I called it A finger-licking Moment in Time. I wrote quite a few more “Moment in Time” pieces thinking they would last forever, haha. But they died, apparently.

What killed them?

My last was normal and unremarkably remarkable (that’s me talking).

I called this series “Moments in Time” and they cemented my passion. They were stream of consciousness buffoonery illustrating a well of untappable existential irony. Brief narratives mocking the intricacies of my daily life and its random and offensive assortment of nonsense and nonsensical life forms. The ultimate condescension. I loved these, yet my last was almost a year ago.

Why did I stop?

I still encounter the constant stream of ramshackle reality waiting to be trounced.
Blogging is evolution, as I said.

I need to re-introduce “Moment in Times” for I feel to do so will lift me from the lazy depths of verbal complacency.
To take note of the world.
That was their greatest strength. Vibrant involvement.