Inception is Hollywood

I don’t know a thing about all this movie garbage. Best picture, best cinematography, best supporting this or that, red carpets, speeches, gowns, outlandish, attention whorish behavior, it means squat to me. It’s bullshit. Hollywood bullshit perpetrated on an ignorant and bored public looking desperately for distraction, looking for glib forms of non-thought while the world collapses around them. I don’t care about any of it, I dislike the hoopla. If you want to see a movie, fine, go see it. The adulation and mythologizing of these superficial, cosmetically-enhanced elitists who purport to shape culture makes me sick. Don’t need it. And I work in the almighty “Industry” which congratulates itself as the most vital ingredient to the supposed survival of the diseased society. Self-delusion!

Look, I love movies, and I actually saw a good sampling of them this year. I saw Black Swan, True Grit, Winter’s Bone, The Social Network, and part of Inception. I say “part of” because I couldn’t sit through more than an hour and half of this overproduced, overacted and overhyped bloated Hollywood commercial product. Incidentally, it is the only movie I saw from this list for less than sincere motives. I saw it because I felt it was the thing to do since everyone absolutely raved about it. Leonardo DiCaprio is simultaneously my favorite and least respected actor. I really like the guy’s style, but his movies have absolutely sucked balls since the trashy epic of all time,Titanic. Anyways, Inception represented my feeble attempt at a demure relinquishment to the demands of Cinematographic peer pressure. I only saw an hour and a half; perhaps the flick redeemed itself in the last hour, but I doubt it. It was not a bad movie, but I detest the hype. I detest the sophomoric slickness and feeble-minded intellectualism that Hollywood fetishizes. And the sheep who flock to theaters and feign illusory comprehension of some half-assed wisdom the director might drone about incessantly if given a mike.

The concept of Inception struck me as curious and mildly ironic. From what I gathered, “inception” is the act of planting a thought or idea, a reality, in a subject’s mind (unawares, of course) by designing an architectural reality around the suggestion. By sculpting and designing a false reality so well that the subject has no idea that which he thinks is real, is not. Inception is about altering perceptions. Inception is what Hollywood is about. Altering reality and spoon-feeding the weak-minded some palatable and blandly pleasing realities they birth with their own private sense of boundary and to perceive as the mental and physical environment. Hollywood shapes reality. It plants the ideas.

It plants ideas much in the same way its fantasists tell us that we must suspend disbelief in order to acccept that a pretty 14-year-old girl with the mind of an adult woman can overcome 19th Century brazen Wild West anarchists unrestrained by law or morals. Or that a pretty 17-year-old girl can outwit her way out of destruction at the hands of murderous, tweaking, rural white trash Meth manufacturers. Hollywood tells us a load of crap and in exchange, we reward it.