Generalizations about Money

A new installment of the Generalization Chronicles coming at ya, afresh!
It’s the root of all evil.
Or this true?
Why do so many say it? And repeat it?

Can this be argued? Is human evil intrinsically constructed from all rudimentary units of currency and barter? Are dollar signs solely the cunning source of all human misery and grief?

Conversely, can money serve any saintly purposes?
Can money be the root of good?

The only possibility I believe can be argued for this is when money is used as a tool or vehicle of charity, of a self-imposed sense of selfless volunteering of one’s personal resources in order to help those with less. But is this “good” behavior spawned of money, or is money merely a flashy byproduct of the human altruistic impetus?

In other words, money is an elemental ingredient of evil. It’s the voracious human hunger for money in its dearth which drives man to commit the most heinous and unspeakable acts. However, the presence of money does not necessarily connote virtuous behavior. Money does not make us donate or lend a helping hand. Money can be offered as a token of kindness, but evil is proffered as a token of simply money and nothing more. Man is driven to display kindness through the elaborate exhibition of money. He is rewarded in tax breaks and shiny societal recognition and that strange sense of self-congratulatory mental masturbation he may experience. Relinquishing money; surrendering it without receiving material recompense is counter-intuitive. We construct a rewards system to make people disobey their base urges. Charity sates an image and many times it is ulterior and impure.

Money is the root of all, or most, evil.

Money is a manifestation of the human desire to display that which can’t and shouldn’t be displayed.
It is a physical and tangible outgrowth of man’s intellectual instinct to stratify his civilization, to compare and contrast himself and to elevate himself in the absence of the ability to display such qualities gradually and by example. Money is impatience.

Money is immediate. It is anti-stoic gratification. Money is our lurid consciousness stacked in bundles of potential pleasure.

If someone came along, a magical, powerful entity, and he snapped his fingers and every single item of money and currency on the planet vanished, man would be at a loss. For a while. However, his nature would eventually distort any artificial sense of equality and his ego and vague ambitions would again give birth to an artificial measuring stick of societal bartering which would eventually coldly sift through the entirety of mankind and leave those who want it the most with the most. Though resourcefulness or viciousness, or both. But those who want it the most will end up with the most. Money is like the fruition of a physical urge to defecate on those below us. Money is a tool of emotional distance and triumph.

Money denotes worth and what is worth?
If not an inherent value…to what?
American money used to be based on the gold standard, it represented a consistent and delineated standard of measurable worth.

Money creates secrecy and it creates conspiracy and it cloaks honesty.
Money represents different things to all and it can represent different things to the same person thorughout his life.

Money used to represent fast cars. Cologne. Clothes.

Money loses its luster to the even-minded.
Money is always important and it makes us do anything we don’t wish to do in good conscience.
Money represents savings, now.
It represents a net.
Money represents undiluted potential. It is unknown and untouched dark matter.
It represents food and peace.
And nothing more.

The amount of energy we devote to money and its adulation is inversely proportional to sporadic flares of personal serenity.

Money buys happiness, I don’t buy it.
Money buys the ability to be happy.
The way society is structured, many times the pursuit of money is simultaneously fraught with personal peril and happiness dissolves in the mad race to accumulate more money…

And what is money, but goods. And belongings, frail possessions.
Money is incurably human. Vile.

What does money measure of a person’s worth? Value?
Are there virtuous qualities of the man who attains money?

In some Latin American countries, money is scarce, but happiness is abundant and immeasurable. Those who crave money in the civilized sense are baffled by such unlikely possibilities. This is the the left-brain bullshit our consumerist society pounds in our heads as soon as we can comprehend televised advertisements.

What is happiness?
Why…what is money?

Money is a man-made contrivance which gives life and form to his desires and their disproportional rarity. Money gives form to value and worth which man cannot spell clearly in words.

Money…makes me think of a cartoon I saw once in which one of the characters is invisible. Another character, not invisible, looking to spot his hiding invisible friend, throws paint or other colored liquid which falls upon the invisible character. Painted, he is now laid bare, his unseen presence highlighted by a coat of this foreign substance. His unreality defeated by the form of material reality.

This is what money does to our appraisal of our own desires.