The area between

Dedicated to those who presume to make a franchise of devouring humanity

Residing somewhere in that vast distance between lascivious, sycophantic glorification, and cold, soulless demonization, there is perhaps a kernel, a microscopic pinpoint, of sanity.

Glorification is born of the same rigid expectation and cemented perspective that gives rise to demonization. They spring from the same boulder-like unwavering tomb of the human soul. In fact, if one is capable of gross glorification, he is also likely quite capable of its antonym, the mirror image, demonization. Glorification is demonization, not flipped over or turned sideways, but simply viewed from the other side of the unscalable wall which separates the two. To view the opposite perspective, one must walk through the doorway and enter the alter room from which the same stubborn and intractable window of expected human behavior can be viewed and justified.

I cannot understand how one can subsist at either of these 2 extremes.

I am uncomfortable glorifying. I’m plagued by the inherent truth of all humans as fractured and egotistical souls. This is one reason I despise the cult of celebrity. It is built upon the plastic aspirations of artificial personalities. Glorification can only lead in one direction: disappointment. Demonization is terrible for I’m a secret optimist who enjoys those rare flickers of sunshine that sporadically emanate from within the chorus of ugly humanity. Demonization can also only lead in one direction, that of disappointment as well.

Those who greedily indulge in either of these solicitations of human nature are relishing the unfurling of a smug rigidity. Rigidity, for it is easier to encase human nature in a hard shell of rules and laws and limited expectations in which free behavior is never allowed to roam beyond acceptable and dogmatic boundaries; the rigid are thus rewarded with a blanket purview of the human race and nothing shall dare shatter the illusion. In glorification and demonization there is relinquishment of wonder and the unknown. If humans can be controlled by their self-ascribed behavior template, those who glorify and demonize may proceed along their austere, rigid path in a state of sunny and self-righteous complacency.

I’m not a worshiper nor a despiser.

I cannot comprehend glorification nor understand demonization.
I walk through this life as I would walk through a fluid canvas of ever-shifting humanity.
Social life is nebulous and I welcome the unknown or unknowable. I am at peace with unpredictability and spontaneity and the transient nature of man’s soul. I am one with it, with the ebb and flow and rigidity is my antithesis. I cannot shroud myself in a singular role, much less can I anyone else. I can’t fathom a life steered by the fixed expectations and finite rigidity of an overly frightened human soul which leads one to entomb human nature into a pixelated roadmap of automatic and predictable reactions. But the price I pay is that I neither idolize nor abhor. Everyone is equally likely to spew depravity or sing like an angel. Every moment is unprecedented.

Glorification and demonization relegates this wonderful journey to a miserable shuffle through a dusty and decayed museum of forlorn human figures.

Show me life!