East L.A. Makeover: On deconstructing the living room closet and mice

There’s an old saying: the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. Without going into the etymology or subtle interpretations of this really bleak truism (another post, another time), I’ll just state that as it pertains to household maintenance with a healthy dose of children thrown in, the essence of the thought is resounding and irrefutable. What I’m saying is, DUDE, feel free, be my guest, please, go ahead and make those plans about what you plan doing to your “pad” this weekend; if you happen to have children, you better pencil them in very, very, very lightly. And I mean almost invisibly. Because if you have children, chances are you’ll have to take an eraser to those plans mighty quick.

I’m just neutrally stating a fact. If you have children, and you take the parental role seriously, there is no other way. Your children and their plans are the only thing in your life written in clear and permanent ink.

So why all the bullshit and why am I waxing so philosophical?

Well the weekend that just passed was it…it was to be the complete fruition of stage 1 of my “East L.A. makeover”, the complete cleaning and revamping of my living room closet.

Uhm, throw in 2 major school projects that needed to be completed by Monday and a small bit of pure laziness on my part, and it was a toxic brew of inaction! There was no way I was about to tackle this closet while I had to guide my son through various exercises in writing and gluing and thinking and designing, and there was no way I was going to tackle the closet when by Saturday morning I was already dreading the prospect of opening that door to hell (before I’d even heard of any homework!).

Amazingly, I decided to do something about stage 1 last evening, perhaps for fear of looking like a total slacker who is all bark and no bite before millions of my blog readers. While my son was finally resting following the completion of day 2 of his homework ordeal, I ventured into the closet and pulled out all the bedding and books. Hey, you gotta start somewhere, don’t you?

Let’s just say this “weekend” project might, uh, take a little bit longer than planned. Mice and men.

That’s a lot of warm shit for someone who lives in L.A.

Yes, dramatized, got a problem with it?

Remember what I said about “folding?”