Discipline’s 10 commandments

So this is my view of mankind, and thus by extension, most members of its vastly underachieving species.
Man is largely ignorant, lazy, gluttonous, weak and undisciplined.

The typical human will choose the path of least resistance and aspire to the bare minimum. Or he will do only enough to maintain his own complacent role of self-banishment. He will avoid that which calls him to initiate odious tasks, those which interrupt his emptily satisfied existence. He will not surmount the threshold of Average if he has a say. Unless there is a remarkable payoff which usually involves the hollow reward of money or sex, or both. Ultimately, man is a societal performer and 98% of everything he does is for the benefit of the Club of Mankind which either rewards his good behavior or punishes his social detractions. Every single moment that man struggles to climb out of bed and leave the lush comfortable warmth of his cloth womb behind he, he climbs the global stage. All he accomplishes now is disingenuous because he would not do it if not for the rest of mankind’s rapt attention and his desire for reciprocal approval.

Discipline. Now there’s a crock of shit.
What the hell is discipline?

It is a humanly fabricated convention and delusion.
There is no such thing as discipline.
It only exists in our minds and describes a manner of behavior which is extraordinarily difficult to face. Discipline is a positive enforcer; it is not negative, for many times, the act of discipline is difficult and painful and uncomfortable enough to act as an aversive agent in itself. For instance, there is absolutely nothing joyous or pleasurable about climbing out of bed on a cold winter morning four hours before work with the thermometer reading 53 degrees in here just so I can crawl under hundreds of pounds of iron and repeatedly hoist them while my joints and mind cry for another way. That is aversive and negative; only mankind’s higher conscious which promises long-term rewards make him do such unnatural shit. Discipline is unnatural. And positive. We could argue that a trained dog will continue sitting, immobile, in the face of a large juicy slab of meat. That is a sort discipline, I suppose, but it’s not supra-normal. The dog fears punishment and verbal scolding and his canine mind has been so distorted through generations of domestication that the easy way now is to not take the easy way by succumbing to instinct and hunger. A trained dog is not displaying uncanny discipline. He is displaying an utmost form of low-minded obedience. Human discipline is “high-minded” and spiritual. It is belief, it is conscious, it is ethereal. Hence, its relative scarcity.

Humans are irretrievably animal and act the part.

Mankind is not high-minded. He is a guttural stray dog looking to scavenge his next easy meal.
Discipline does not come easy for it is not natural. Mankind does not actively seek to surmount his fruitless existence for yet another dead end. For man to do this insinuates that he must turn his back on his primitive nature. The example in which we are able to train a dog to ignore its own nature is rare. We are unable to force animals do anything they are not evolutionarily equipped to do. You can lead a horse to water…said the wise old cattle rancher. Discipline requires a conscious sacrificial effort with the ostensible aim of bettering one’s state of physical or mental existence. Effort. Concerted effort.

Man cannot pool his own personal resources in order to achieve such grand aims.

He is a lazy dog laying in the shade on a hot day.
Man stays out of the sun and off his feet when he can help it. Man’s elevated mind maps what is wrong, but his primal nature dictates his actions because he has freedom of choice. He has the freedom to rise, and the freedom to sink. Sinking is invariably the easiest way because gravity paves the way. Mankind will flock in the direction he is pointed and he resists all that is contrary to his nature. Man is an undisciplined lout. He is sloven and insolent.

Indiscipline is the way of man and the context of civilization is structured around such inability to coerce great effort on his own.

Institutions and morals and self-directed artificial limits of behavior (laws) answer man’s fear of discipline which must issue from the the deepest layer of his soul.

Society thus imprints all its inhabitants with a structure that forgives and enables a lack of discipline. Social constructs reward both the heart and the mind overrun with sloth; and those who dare to rise and seek a higher level of disciplined existence find themselves outside the arena of popular thought and are forced to wait in the shadows. Until that time when, and if, they forfeit their illusory discipline for the simple pleasantries of the artificial life. To strive for a spiritual existence is to turn one’s back on the lazy platitudes of common culture. For here is the thing: discipline is lonely. Discipline does not attract the shallow plethora of simple-minded sheep.

Discipline is ultimately a folly. It is pursued and sacrificed in the name of a questionable state of fulfillment which neither satisfies or feeds our primitive hungers. Discipline only nourishes the spirit and is faithfully embraced as such; discipline tells us to chase the ghost that never stood before us. The ghost beckons and hides behind corners but we always chase it because we know it’s there and we devote ourselves to the march of discipline that proclaims the reward is unseen. Faith.

Discipline is to man what the dog trainer is to Fido.
Discipline flowing from our deepest voice and gushing in a shower of spiritual devotion is the highest form of humanity.

Religion and dogma is all bullshit.
It’s discipline fancied up and disguised and perfumed and deep-fried in order to make it more palatable to man’s inherent laziness.

Call “discipline” an ancient Latin word, or an exotic undecipherable Asian or Middle Eastern word, and it assumes a role greater than life and man chooses to “discipline” himself when in fact he is simply heeding the dog trainer’s whistle. You see, the deepest inkling of discipline we conjure is also the sparsest and most rudimentary sort of faith; faith in oneself. Man has no faith in himself and thus must substitute the magnificence of his existence for some magical entity who he can bestow his worship on instead. The fictional entity must embody “discipline” to inhuman levels and only then can man follow his fictional lead character’s path and thus elevate the road of discipline to godly levels while treating it as Heaven’s road. Man is slothful and unwired to reroute his commitments and abilities to pursue stringency. Give him an externally foisted force of negative reward, a negative feedback loop, and he will discipline himself for the sake of the … “larger loop.” Just like Fido is primitively afraid of the master’s negative and stern reprimand, so is man’s fear of the religious deity’s reprimand.

Discipline rising from within our soul is divine.
Discipline rising from an ancient Volume of castigating commands is lazy.

The Ten Commandments are the greatest dog training manual ever written.
The true ten commandments of human behavior are not written. They are breathed.