Patsy Cline’s dark past?



I recently had a discussion with my mother in which I tried to convince her Patsy Cline was part black. It’s so obvious to me. I would never have even stumbled upon such a ridiculous postulation if not for the old black and white video clip in which she belted out “Crazy” in that awesomely sexy, velvety voice. I had never seen Patsy Cline before but I was intimately familiar with her music because she is one of my mom’s favorite female singers of all time and I could always count on listening to Patsy almost every Saturday afternoon while my mom swept and mopped and did all her other weekly cleaning chores around the house. The smell of Pinesol and Patsy Cline’s maudlin twangy longings will always be conjoined in my memory.


Anyways, after watching the video, I was intrigued. The way I saw it.
Either Patsy Cline was publicly known to be of mixed blood; or, owing to the fact that she recorded music in a musical genre which, from the 1950s through the 1960’s was hardly hospitable for mixed race white women, she would keep such genetic information under tight wraps.


Even though, to my eye, it’s obvious.
But our old-time Country singers could not spring from the slightest bit of non-Caucasian parentage without risking alienating their fan base.


A simple Google search illuminated the fact that her theoretical black ancestry was not common knowledge, accepted or not.


On, under the not-so-vague suspicion, “Was Patsy Cline Caucasian or Black Singer?” the answer offered was the typical response to such a question about Cline: “She was white (Caucasian non Hispanic). Since people in those days did not admit to such things for fear of non-acceptance, she may not have come forth with that information. It is Unknown whether or not she was part African- American (Black).”


This link was the only Google result that alluded in any manner to Cline’s race in response to my Google query, “was patsy cline part black.”


My mom is convinced I’m crazy.
She won’t buy my theory. She tells me plenty of white women are dark featured and roundly buxomed and soulfully full-figured. Uh yeah, but how many white women contain all of the above?


Patsy had it all, man. Great curvaceous full-figured womanliness. Full cheeks, full nose, she had sexy meat and she had color. I think she was hotter than hell because of this full lexicon of classic black female physical traits against the parchment of porcelain white woman’s skin.


I think I once tried searching for photos of her parents, but I found nothing.
It’s too bad people feel compelled to live such illusions in the face of potential societal scorn. One’s ability to make money is contingent upon cultural illusions.