The Hidden Voice

That whole thing the other day with Jared Loughner. That shit was rife with slabs of paranoia. If there is one thing that gets the tinfoil hatters scampering around looking for fallout shelters or safe rooms, it’s a public act of violence by a political malcontent. Even though, by all apparent indications, Loughner was answering the call of disarrayed insanity rather than any sort of sincere political ideals. I volunteered some rather oblique and sensational suspicions; however, my suspicions were not primarily directed at Loughner himself or his agenda, or lack thereof, but in the response on the part of our government and our public officials to his violence. Ultimately, it’s not the accuracy or veracity of his motives that mattered; it’s how they are perceived by the media and decision brokers and information gatekeepers, and consequently, the impressionable spoon-fed public. This public hypnotism devolves into a closed loop of common consensus. The opinion-generators (the media, public officials, intelligentsia) spout their BS; due to their ostensible authority and ubiquitous public image, the public eats up the imaginative slop from the elites and regurgitate it in the form of fear and panic. The elites, sensing fear and panic in their subordinates and electorates, bandy about changing the way things run, making a show of grand revamping, when in fact, they are merely re-assembling existing institutions and nothing has been remedied. The display of hollow action is posed to the duped public in a flourish of cosmetic activity. Action has been taken, everyone is happy, everyone is now safe!

I want to comment on this conspiracy thing.
Conspiracies are fun and mysterious and they sate that bored hunger we all experience in the face of a life weighed down with the repetitive march of a humdrum existence built of periods of working, sleeping, working, sleeping, eating, working… Conspiracies are are like a boob job for the monotony of modern civilized reality. If we can deconstruct an event or tragedy and squeeze out a carefully constructed narrative involving ulterior motives (the higher-reaching, the better), we’ve created a perfectly sinister conspiracy. Voila! Conspiracies are tenuous at best because they exist by virtue of the imaginary credit we give to mankind’s efficiency; the uncanny degree of organization and communication and comprehensive planning which he is truly incapable of, individually or in groups. Conspiracies presuppose timeless intelligence which the normal human does not possess. Especially when speaking of conspiracies that range decades and centuries or across all corners of civilization. Conspiracies which are so cosmically breathtaking as to baffle literal control of any one group or person. Man can barely get his own individual shit together and organize a productive and orderly life. How in the fuck is he going to single-handedly control mass societal movements or organizations? Through ensuing generations long after he is gone? How is a group of men expected to logically form a common plan of action to organize a sinister plot whose aim is counter-productive to the well-being of most of society?

No man, you see, I don’t believe in conspiracies, per se, as they are mysteriously portrayed by those seeking to foment drama to top off each and every major news event. A conspiracy can be defined only after it has occurred. A conspiracy only exists in retrospect. A conspiracy is not bred or hatched. Conspiracies are born of man’s hidden voice. His hidden voice is that soft undertone, a murmur, of life’s soul that he paints between the actions and words of reality. His hidden voice lies latent in his cultural soul and is expressed when many like-minded subjects pool their common perspectives and allegiances, thus creating a mass movement which is the combined hidden voice spawned to fruition by the expectations of many. A conspiracy is a terrible term for it insinuates planning which of course there is none. I would rather call them “cultural manifestations.” They are the loud expression of the hidden voice. A conspiracy happens when the hidden voice is given a face. A conspiracy cheapens the powerful wave of human attitudes by assigning their mighty spectacle a mundane human plot.

There is no such thing as accident, it is said.
In the same way, there is no such thing as a conspiracy.