Online Dating Project: online dating vs the Pill and their destruction of the modern sexual dynamic

The sacrifices and pain I endure for this “art!”
You only know the half of it. I dirty myself, soil my soul, just so that I may unearth muddy wisdom which I may impart in these lonely confines.

The pain.

Inspired by this Chateau post a few weeks ago, I ventured to take one more for the team.

The post, entitled “Women’s Standards Crumble Easily Given The Right Incentives” struck a nerve. I agree with Chateau’s assertion: Maxim #39: A woman’s standards are like a house of cards: kick out one from the bottom and the whole edifice crashes down.

God knows I’ve tested and encountered this phenomena more than a handful of times in my life. This is the maxim that allows a guy like me to get laid to begin with. My height is laughable; my looks, blandly unrecognizable, at best; my drive to succeed and materialistic pretensions, nearly non-existent. Really man, I don’t provide the typical modern woman, the archetypal urban gold-digging status whore that she is, much. Yet, I get laid. Ha. How sweet is that. Essentially, Chateau has stated what I’ve always known but phrased differently. If I can only get my foot in the door I am capable of charming most chicks into the sack. I never realized I possessed this power until it was much too late to put it to gratuitous use, but I now recognize it for what it was. I discovered I could pull that “lower” card out and most chicks were easily compliant and crumbled once an easy lay presented itself handily as long as the rest of the package was charming and entertaining.

Get your foot in the door.
That, and Chateau’s “kick one out” stratagem, are the tools by which the evolutionary challenged man can find mating partners.
These are historically verified working tools of the dating game. Most sweet-talking, relatively clean men, regardless of hideousness (barring major disfigurements), have always been able to get their foot in the door…or at least a toe. The key is to get something in that damn door. Men have always known this. Once you’re in, you’re like a vampire to a chick’s helplessly physical complacent bodily adobe.

It has worked thus for eternity. Much of PUA orbits around this facet of male/female courting rituals. Namely, most women, gamed and supplied with bottomless sources of charm and other attributes of an intelligent personality, will succumb. In the realm of the sensual, women are notoriously weak. They gleefully cave to temptation in the matters of food, sex and other objects of physical satisfaction even as they protest in principle. Nothing new here.

Chateau’s post brought to mind an idea I’ve batted around concerning online dating and its increasing presence in our modern dating culture. According to research cited in this post, during a span of time from 2006-2007 (antiquity by the standards of internet social phenomena), 31% of married couples aged 45-54 and 18% of those aged 18-44 met online. These figures are about 4 years old. The changes that have occurred in the online dating world since are tremendous. Online dating has transformed into an accepted and non-stigmatized practice of meeting potential dating partners in much the same way church-sponsored singles dances did in recent decades. This is displayed in the unabashed indulgence I hear many women announce loudly to anyone who will listen.

Online dating will continue to “grow” in popularity and this is very important.
For this reason, I felt it appropriate to open a profile on a well-known dating site (which shall remain nameless). If you’ve been on it, you’ll recognize it; if not, you won’t.

Online dating distorts the dating market in measures not witnessed before.
I compare it to the birth control pill which has wreaked havoc on the dating game.
The birth control pill distorts the physiological and endocrine response of the normal fertile female, a fact verified by scientific studies. Women on birth control are less likely to primitively “relate” to males. Their mate selection is overly cerebral and logical. The Pill diminishes the female default response to physical instinct when it comes to choosing partners. Over the long haul, a couple marries, the woman stops taking the Pill since children are now part of the plan, and suddenly her body reverts to its intrinsic and accurate physical instincts. She slowly realizes her husband, who she chose under the gender neutralizing influence of the Pill, is not the man she thought she wanted. The Pill diluted her reliance on the human pheromone response to gauge potential sexual partners. The emotions and sensations born under the pall of birth control are gone and now she sees her mate clearly and she doesn’t like what she sees. Such is the catastrophic doom of the Pill. It distorts the female autonomic response and as such, skews the mating game and its sexual undertones. Marriage and long-term mating is affected down the line. Anything which disguises or subverts our primitive physiological responses will alter society en masse, many times for the worse.

I’m here to tell you that online dating, in the same way the birth control pill does, will further distort the social interactions and structure of society. Whereas the Pill’s effect is delayed, a response to a previous stimulus, online dating will complete the circle and damage the social structure at the front end. During the courting stage when women historically made the decision to allow breeding to commence.

In fact, online dating hypnotizes women with a fallacious sense of safety due to its ability to offer a calculating, robotic and impersonal muse womanhood seeks when playing the dating game because it allows her to circumvent her own capricious and self-sabotaging whims. Online dating allows women to actually abide by their so-called “principles” and “standards.” To use Chateau’s analogy, if the traditional face to face dating marketplace is a house of cards, online dating is computer solitaire where nothing is at stake and the game is rendered flat, precise and impersonal and eminently re-doable or ignorable. Online dating rewards women with the heart of stone they aspire to. If online dating were to have a counterpart in online dieting, you would witness legions of women suddenly shed that excess 25 or 60 pounds because online dating is the anti-woman. It is the anti-sensual. It prevents women from relinquishing control to the spontaneous and whimsical flightiness of the female spirit. Womankind has become increasingly serious, humorless and non-effacing in the corporate, cyber age. Ever met a feminist? She can apply statistics and order to a life which her spirit does not truly seek to compartmentalize. She is fighting her spirit.

The chick I wrote about here would never have given me the time of day if she had depended on online dating to meet men. I was the antithesis of her three “must-have” male traits: I was not tall and I was not a white collar professional and I was most assuredly not white. It’s not like she was ready to marry me, but she easily would have given it up if I hadn’t been such an emasculated wiener. Such is the wondrousness of Chateau’s idyllic dating environment of yore. That traditional environment in which people met, skin to skin, pore to pore, and social interactions carried the weight of immediacy. Our immediate physical senses guided us and we trusted them. A true primitive environment! No longer. Online dating, like the birth control pill, removes the rudimentary elements of physiologically-based decision-making and subverts our animalism to a Power Point wet dream of executive office strategies. Online dating purges the reliance on all physical senses except that of sight. Sight is certainly important and I am not discounting its role in mating. However, online dating elevates it to an unrealistic primary role and leaves all other senses in the dust.

As Chateau pointed out, the hypergamous female nature propels her to compile lists upon lists of “requirements” which her ideal mate must possess. Whether women wish to admit or not, nearly all their traits cluster around the sense of Sight (materialism is not a sense…it is loosely aligned with sight, for it appeals to “image”). Invariably, throughout human history, woman’s demands of Sight have been usurped by her varied and impulsive reflexes which sabotage her own power. See, it’s all about power. Women love the “empowered” bullshit, they mythologize the concept and act as if it’s what they want when in fact it’s not even what they need. That’s why they are women. The female has no use for power. It’s her ego writ large on her modern consumerist persona that promises power is good. It is online dating and birth control which allow her to escape the unglamorous and unwomanly demands of primitive physiology; thus, her sense of power.

Women who participate in online dating enjoy an extraordinary level of concentration involving factors affecting dating; men line up and message incessantly. All manner of men…men who would normally lack the balls to approach women in real life have no problem sending a variety of ogre-like and socially awkward messages. The new wimpdom of modern man is magnified online, and the new empowered selectivity of modern woman is also magnified. Sexual roles are condensed and exaggerated. Online dating is like the fucking neutron stars of modern social phenomena. All the disparate traits and qualities of both genders come together in one harsh and indescribable mass of densely packed interstellar material.

Before the internet, there were print personal ads. These were stigmatized and it was nothing to boast of or announce because most people still met the old-fashioned way: through friends, work, or church socials. I went through periods where I answered a whole bunch of these ads and then proceeded to wait for the fish to bite. Many of the ads appeared in publications which provided a toll free number you would call, punch in the unique number referencing the ad, and leave a voice message. I might leave a bunch of messages and get many call backs. You see, I have a relatively deep voice which many women have told me they find sexy. I would leave a vague message, leaving no info other than my name and number. And “please call me back, yada yada.” I remember one Asian chick, she was about 10 years older than me at the time (I was 30). In her print ad, she wrote that she wanted an older white, professional gentleman. I wasn’t even close. Guess what? I called and left the bitch a message and she called me back. I was upfront about who I was, and still, through my conversational charms, I talked her into meeting up at Universal City Walk one hot summer day. We had lunch at Gladstone’s, she dug it, we went out again, to Stateline. Even in those pre-internet days, the mating game was in a state of flux, but still, there was another physical sense in play here which would get your foot in the door…sound. I’m positive if I had attempted to surmount her barriers in today’s cyber-age, she would never write back.

Online dating allows women to reduce the courtship ritual to a spreadsheet. A one-dimensional soulless model. This is not the feminine way. Birth control destroyed femininity, and now online dating will continue to seal the door shut. Women will flock to the online world and live up their inherent whorish persona’s while men, whose sense of masculinity is weakened every day, will flock to the online world as well in anticipation of standing in line with thousands of other men waiting for a woman whose empowered choices slowly define her ebbing womanhood. And man’s ebbing manhood.

The march of technological advance further distances us from our primitive ancestry.
We mute our primitive urges, the call of our wild past.

Yes, men and women will live in complete harmony because there will be no difference. Men will be the new women and vice versa.