Asian drivers!!!

Well you know, these HBDers carry on with their pet generalizations and heap ’em aplenty on their choice morsels…namely NAMs. The seedier and more loathsome the generalization, the more crazed the HBDers become in their fetishistic frenzy to pin that shit on the lowly NAM and embellish it with all manner of statistical allusions to innate intelligence. IQ correlations erupt. Generalizations are the lifeblood of the HBDers and I’m not here to argue with the principle of generalizations. Hell, I embrace generalizations as much as any HBDer. However, I find many of these chaps seem hesitant to expend much of their vocabulary and Bell Curve graphic flotillas on generalizations when it concerns their own treasured intelligence models. Whites, Asians, Jews…groups redolent of sordid generalizations as well, but you’re wont to find much in the way of statistical dissection of such traits in the HBD world. The HBD crowd’s essential fixation is a class elitism which is manifested as a proxy for intelligence and IQ.

Which brings me to this. Or is it this that brings me to HBDers?
Who knows.

OK, generalization time.
All Asians are shitty drivers, aren’t they?
Of course not. Any more than all Mexicans are gang members or all blacks like rap. Generalizations serve to gleen a common trait when examined statistically, and this is what the HBDers appreciate. HBD provides the non-humanistic and asocial tool by which we can know people without really knowing them. Statistics, cold hard figures. Not all Asians are bad drivers. My ex-wife, who is Korean, is not a bad driver. I believe she’s been in a couple of accidents, but nothing that is revealingly symbolic of bad driving skills. I had a friend in college by the name of Tony. Chinese fellow…he sucked balls when it came to driving. Whenever he drove, I cringed. Always getting flipped off and cussed at by offended drivers he annoyed as I retreated into the invisibility of the car seat in order to avoid the guilt by association syndrome. He was a shitty driver.

This generalization, when viewed within the context of what a typical Los Angeles commuter endures, is suffused with the air of accuracy. Asians are bad drivers. How do we define bad? Well in my book, they are bad drivers because they are appear to be oblivious to their immediate environment which I would assume is important for anyone licensed to maneuver 2 tons of metal around the streets and highways of this city. Asian drivers fall into two camps: the extremely timid or the flailing aggressive. But in both cases there is still the typical and attendant disconnect with road environment. The bad Asian drivers I’ve witnessed are bad because they drive like their car has no windows. They will make a move on the road before they consider whether it should be made, and unfortunately, before they use their neck or mirrors to ascertain the move is wise.

Look, I’ll tell you what happened here with 90% conjectural accuracy.
Sung approached the driveway where her mom stood. Distracted by the standing presence of her mother (who she was picking up, perhaps?), did not pay heed to the street. Focused singularly on her mother’s figure, she failed to mentally capture her environment. And she turned left, despite the fact a car was headed directly at her.

I’ve always been puzzled that most Asians possess above average IQ, evidenced by advanced degrees, lucrative professions, and automotive luxury (ie, Audi A5’s, on the low end). Why the contrast of such strikingly disparate qualities in the same population? Brilliant students, doctors, scientists; conjoined with a rather clueless and pathetic driver. I began to wonder. Can we correlate IQ with driving?

Hell yeah, I say we can. Driving a car seamlessly through a busy city requires immense doses of awareness…but not only awareness, which in and of itself is useless unless it exists in perfect union with recall and application within novel situations which still require mental dexterity as was called for in the aforementioned incidents of experience acquisition. In other words, intelligence is the ability to combine conception and perception, to unravel these input streams, store them, and summon them for use in future situations requiring such experiential knowledge. Intelligence is the ability to recognize a situation’s similarity with enough accuracy to withdraw the tool set needed for the “unique” occasion. So fuck yeah. Driving is an IQ test. Those who fail still continue making the same stupid driving mistakes, they cannot envision the traffic flow as an experiential test; they cannot comprehend the cohesive formula all cars present; symbolized as thousands of simultaneous data points which must be interpreted while making an on-the-spot decision regarding its potential and likely behavior. Intelligence is the ability to multi-task, and I believe all the schooling in the world cannot train this. Driving well in busy city traffic is a stupendous exercise in multi-tasking in which you are called upon to consider every concurrent aspect of your environment and sieve them all into one arrow of action. The archetypal bad Asian driver is not adept at this feat.

Is there another kind of intelligence overlooked?
The one-dimensional ability to focus on a fixed set of data and interpreting it studiously and the ensuing skill at reciting it for equally one-dimensional exams is one sort of intelligence (and ostensibly, the type favored in today’s academic environment).

But there is another sort of physical, holistic intelligence that I believe IQ does not witness, for its invisbility transcends a unidimensional existence.