Major updates and other crap about my Sony Internet TV

Well it’s been a love/hate relationship.
I’m still thrilled about my new TV. Let’s get that out of the way. The spark is still there…I’m still lamely excited to walk into my apartment and see this greeting me.

I’ve had the damn thing for about 2 months.
It has lived up to many promises, and it’s also failed to fulfill many others.

It was the first time I bought a big television in years because I feel television is “beneath” me. Television is shit. There is nothing on television that is worthy of my brain power. It is crap. But if you can promise me a mixture of television and internet, a combination of elective stupidity and programmed imbecility, how in the world can I refuse? So there I went, a few days prior to Halloween. I forked out big money on an unproven technological wet dream A high definition television which promised to deliver the power of the internet. I was uninformed and ignorant. I thought I would be able to disconnect my cable TV solely on the power of this purchase alone. This proved to be a joke. You cannot get “free” programming on the Sony internet television. Not even that crap the networks feed into your home every night. If you wait, you will have to pay to see it weeks later. Which is even more intellectually demeaning.

Oh yeah. Two months later.

This morning, after powering up the television, I discovered there was finally a scheduled firmware update from Sony. I’ve been waiting for this. Because the Sony internet televisoin is a major “work in progress.” See, I expected this when i bought the TV. I expected major revisions and patches…I did not expect a completed product. It was a technological maiden voyage, and it has not failed to live up to such underachieving demands. I know how technological progress advances and I was willing to work within this framework when I purchased this.

The new update addresses my Netflix gripe.
The original Netflix app is half-assed. It only launches the Netflix cue. There is no direct way to select, delete, or choose movies from the app. It only allows you to play. What you need to do is sign in to Netflix through the browser, choose a movie and add it to your cue. Then, you need to sign back in to the app and select that movie from the cue and play it. Not the worst thing in the world, but you don’t buy a “state of the art” piece of equipment to take more steps to do the same thing. The new Netflix interface is a little snazzier. It flows.

I didn’t buy this damn thing so I could switch back and forth between apps in order to watch movies. That’s the whole point of this “app” bullshit. I’m thrilled Sony fixed this. That was a major drawback to the existing Netfllix!

Back to my original review: I found the following “drawbacks” are still not fixed. They present serious obstacles to any prospective Sony internet television shopper who is clearly conscious of his or her own spending practices.

* ABC, CBS and NBC live feeds or taped programs still do not work. The network feed is incompatible with the Sony internet television, either through design or neglect. Bottom line, you can’t watch anything for free on your state-of-the-art TV (unless you fork out extra money for a DVR add-on) or, $7.99 for Hulu, which brings me to…

*Hulu still does not fucking work on the Sony TV!

I don’t know what the hell is going on with Sony. Hulu Plus is in place with other internet television brands, but it just won’t hunt when it comes to Sony. It’s pretty infuriating. There is so much crap on Hulu that I would actually pay $7.99/mointh for it (which is incidentally still a rip-off) but I won’t spend a penny until they cement these details and bring Hulu to this platform. It’s ridiculous that after I spent this much money on a new television that I don’t have the option of bringing Hulu to my screen. There were some temporary patches/shortcuts/CHEATS people used to circumvent the technological barriers, but evidently Hulu and Sony caught on and shut them down quick. Hulu and all 3 major networks are still off limits to Sony internet television for the time being. In fact, for a long while. Off the Hulu site, this is the “long range” forecast:

And you have Pandora.

I have been using Pandora for a couple of months and the stream breaks all the time when I use the Sony app.
The music just goes silent.
I even purchased the $36/year subscription and still…my music feed goes silent for minutes at a time.
The Pandora app in the Sony television sucks and doesn’t work well! I now circumvent this obstacle by signing on to the Chrome browser, logging directly into Pandora, and listen to my music that way. Uninterrupted. Obviously the app is broken.

The update also addresses certain “remote handheld” issues. The handheld’s roller mouse feature sucked really badly. It was janky and slow and imprecise. At one point, it made me click “dislike” on a Pandora song that I actually “loved!” That irritated me. Now you can control the roller’s sensitivity and speed. It appears to track more accurately now. I think. The update helped.

If I had to do it all over again, would I have bought the Sony internet television?
Back in October, I would have leaned 90/10.
Now, it’s slipping.

Sony needs to resuscitate this floundering platform and get its contractual obligations straight.
I bought this shit on the premise that I would disconnect my cable television. Once the Sony TV slipped in to fill that void. What a mistake. One of my great non-stellar moves.

If you’re a billionaire…buy it.
If you value your money…I would wait a while.

a Sony Guinea Pig