The bitch did it because of Sven

I created this little video in honor of one of the most endearing female traits I can think of.

Women, aside from the sporadic circus freak or hirsute buff dyke, are rarely without male companionship. Most women have absorbed it as natural fact, a primal given, that they will be blessed with the ability to skate from one man to the next with nary an interrupted break of true aloneness during which they can relax and recharge. Women do not recharge. Most women do not just “break up” and choose a temporary course of solitude before they become involved again.

Women are not equipped, emotionally and physically, to withstand such absence of male attention.

Considering they are evolutionarily equipped to pattern their mating (ie social) behavior around the hypergamous instincts of the civilized, post-agricultural female, the concept of “trading up” also insinuates they partake in a continuous assembly line of interloping males. The human female’s role is established as a static source of continuous species reproduction. Lacking estrus period’s limitations on sexual activity present in other species, she can theoretically conceive any time and nature has endowed her with the ability and instinct to maintain a perpetual stream of male suitors.

Women, having evolved around such a historic structure, are molded in body and mind, to leverage a consistent threshold of mating partners, or interest in such. Today’s female, much “evolved” in a so-called civilized manner, has integrated a helpless lack of ability to sustain long periods of being alone, hence, not mating or seeking a mate. Nature has ill-equipped her to fend off the jaws of reality alone. The female is always accompanied; but most often, lacking the gumption to state her purpose boldly, she will belittle the male’s contribution to the pair. She will belittle his humanity and create a morass of unaccomplished aims, thus setting the stage by which she may exit in the least brutal manner possible. While keeping her aplomb intact and purifying her saintly virtue. The man’s fault…it’s his fault that she found a new suitor, but only in hindsight.

The “Sven” loitering in the wings is waiting to be snatched up by the woman once she trounces every ounce of her present boyfriend’s character, and thus justifies her guilt-ridden soul’s relinquishment of the old and embrace of the new.