Generalizations about Roman Catholics

A new installment in the Generalization Chronicles!
There are way too many of them.

It is such a widespread and ubiquitous religion of such gargantuan scope that it has more people who call themselves “members” than can be reasonably expected to be “smart religionists.”

Catholics, due to the self-perpetuating and unthinking march of their church, are basically born into denominational thinking.

Pummeled into blind obedience from the moment the priest trickles water on their infant head, many don’t resist. Or rebel. Catholicism incites a particular brand of hereditary conformity.

Belief and devotion propelled in the bloodlines.
So many generations born and raised into Catholicism. Now…religious inspiration and curiosity bred out and conformity has bred searing ignorance.

Most Catholics are dogmatically ignorant.
Not aware or conscious of their religion’s teachings or what they symbolize. They go to catechism and learn superficial and spurious rote facts without ever absorbing knowledge.

Catholicism is a religion of the undeveloped world.
It is a religion of the downtrodden and underachieving.
Did Catholicism come first, or was it the air of despondency and numbness that came first?

Catholicism finds a welcoming home amongst certain cultural mentalities. And they seem to share traits which are predictable for some odd reason.

The Catholic church is suffused with guilt.
The Catholic church is a theological corporation. So large and vast that it is like a moldy centuries-old structure who nooks and crannies regurgitate the dust of old generations when disturbed; a religion of such antiquity that it denounces the concept of antiquity. Antiquity purporting a virtuous and honorable trait, but which in the Catholic church, represents a tired and lackluster engagement in life and idealism.

Catholicism is exhausted and weak.

Catholicism, born of puritan-minded roots, cannot claim such strict routines any longer in this floundering and undisciplined and gluttonous era. It is unwilling to bend. Catholicism is like the withered and grizzled old tree that threatens to topple at the first strong wind.

Catholicism smells like incense.
And candle wax.
Catholicism would be enervated if it instituted Latin masses again. Maybe it could use another Inquisition.

Catholicism should find its fundamentalist roots. It should become hard-ass again, with killer Nun teachers willing to whip their students into shape with their over-sized bra straps.
Catholicism lost its heart to the fine intricacies of the sensitive modern temperament and it did not play the modern game correctly.
And now it is a wilted church with no direction.
A ravaged tradition which has become extinct.
A laughing stock to atheists such as I.

The Catholic church is priests
And nuns.

A group of socially deprived but Biblically married ideologues.
Priests like little boys?
Is that a truth?
Or a generalization.

Priests do like little boys. Some of them do. It’s newsworthy so it makes the news. But we know how the media works. Take Story, add a small dose of sensationalization, you got yourself a hot item. A hot item is a profitable item. Priests fucking little boys is sordid, disgusting, but, it draws. The news inflates the occurrences and we end up with this modern mess.

Priests are repressed sexual perverts.
They are.
However, the religion, the vow of chastity, is not the cause.
It is the symptom.
Priests, bewildered and spooked by their aberrant urges, seek the priesthood.

I’ve heard some goons in the MRA purport that priests, by virtue of living their chaste life, are driven to seek the company of young boys. This is bullshit.

If this is so:

-Why don’t we hear about nuns molesting little boys (or girls).
-Why don’t we hear (more often) about priests having homosexual affairs in general?
-Why don’t we hear about priests molesting little girls?

Now these preconditions do exist. I’m not denying that…but why don’t we hear more of them? If priests are supposedly driven to such perverse drives due to their chastity, shouldn’t their perversities span the rainbow of offenses? No, it’s only little boys.

Homosexual child molesters are driven to the priesthood by their own inner torment.
This is the dynamic.

Catholicism is confession and recited chants.