Blogroll addition: “My Husband Is Annoying”

I don’t know what to make of this blog…My Husband Is Annoying (trademark symbol and all…I suppose even this common modern-day female lament is up for sale).

First, it begs the question: what is a blogroll supposed to be? I used think it was a list of sites that the blogger enjoys and agrees with, that being the only criteria. Now I’ve crossed over into a new school of thought which states that a blogroll is not necessarily composed of links the blogger agrees with or enjoys…but which the blogger thinks are noteworthy and worth reading on many levels.

And “My Husband Is Annoying” falls into the latter category.

I first learned about the blog from Roissy’s Beta of the Month for August. He accompanied it with an article which appeared in the NY Daily News which spoke to the blogger, Tiffanie Wong, and her supremely annoying husband, Mark Joyella.

Wong’s masthead…her husband in the most infantile and vulnerably anti-male sleep pose for all to see

The article details the genesis of “Annoying” harking back to the couple’s marriage in March when Wong suddenly realized living with someone day in, day out, is not the glamorous Princess mindfuck she and others of her generation bought from the mass media and lazy parents.

So she went out and kicked off her blog which essentially casts Mark as a “typical” male slouch with terrible hygiene and sloppy habits and a buffoon. Wong is getting mileage by appealing to the post-modern sitcom feminized mentality in which men are no more useful (or physically appealing) than the dusty and scuffed coffee table that no one knows what do with but which has too much alleged “value” to throw out or give away. And Mark, sadly, plays into the game in a shamelessly public way…he has no problem casting himself as the “Raymond” character either. Giving Wong all the fodder she needs, so she can of course cast herself as the shapely, attractive, common sense, and smart woman who counterbalances the domesticated doofus she (not so) proudly walked down the aisle with.

On the surface, the blog is entertaining and funny in a grossly voyeuristic way. Wong hosts a weekly “photo Friday” in which disaffected wives across the land are free to send in surreptitious and Allen Funt-ish photos of their husbands in the most undignified and unmanly poses imaginable. Basically, they are men just being men. Guys…we are loose and we clown around and we don’t have sticks up our asses. We don’t sweat dust or clutter and we don’t get our panties up in a bunch if the kitchen doesn’t look like a Martha Stewart wet dream.

One of Wong’s readers joyfully caught her man with his “pants down.”

We are men damnit.

And therein lies my problem with Wong’s blog. Am I arguing or disputing her generalizations about men? Not at all. I’m sure the annoying habits she and her legions of readers note are completely valid.

What I take offense to is the public humiliation and chorus of female judgedom and caustic laughter which blogdom allows. Wong has taken a lunch out with the “girlfriends” and turned it into a public spectacle with millions of strangers. Because women will be women and that means backstabbing, cowardly criticisms shot out from behind a self-protective wall of sheepthink, the ability to disown their own thoughts by ascribing to them the notion that “hey it’s just a joke,” and the self-aggrandizing strategy of pumping up their own superiority by tearing others down. This blog is the female persona, writ large and pubicly.

Which is fine. The world of blogging, as I’ve repeated here, is about the free and democratic expression of ideas. And Wong does it well and in a very entertaining manner. I don’t agree with her motives but that’s fine. Men receive what they allow. If Joyella and others of his ilk see fit to subject themselves to such humiliation which should be left behind closed doors or in small boutique-shopping bitch circles, that’s fine. The male species is slowly imploding and the tide is not about to be stopped anytime soon, not with the state of the world as it is now. All I can do is teach my son well and lead him along the other path…and hope that not too many Joyella’s have sons.

And my reason for blogrolling this? It’s a cautionary tale to all the fellas out there. Read this site, pay attention to the femspeak and assume always that your girlfriend or wife is acting just like Tiffanie Wong when she is out with her friends, co-workers, etc. Chances are if your female significant other is a modern woman, you are the obligatory and sacrificial fodder of the cult of female.