Introduction of another Moments in Time section

Man, the thought of being considered an “old-timer” drives a stake of fear through my heart. Call me anything, and I mean anything, but an old-timer.

Hey, it is what it is. I’m a “mid old timer” I guess. One thing I’ve enjoyed about old-timers since my youth is the stories. The stories and tales they can recount from days of the distant past, days when I was but a concept or a suckling little piglet. From my days of non-existence.

And now I’d like to think it’s my turn to dig up old stories from my sordid past. Stories, many of which, pop into my mind through unrelated and random moments that happen Now and trigger memories.

For instance, I was having a Facebook conversation with someone the other day and I brought up the fact that I started working at the Bank of America when I was 18….and suddenly, an old-timer moment went bing bing bing in my head.

Small, mostly inconsequential stories, really, but for whatever reason, memorable, and maybe even of some import to the younger folks. I’ve lived 44 years man…that’s worth something isn’t it? I’m putting that so-called “wisdom” to use with a new subcategory of Moments in Time…calling it Moments in Time (Then).