An umbrella is best purchased when the sun is shining

I had an aphoristic moment before 8 a.m. today.

A moment of fortune-cookied insight.
A slip of paper might have said this, and might not have.
Actually, I like to think the wisdom conveyed by my thoughts outweighs any trite greasy Chinese fast-food borne wisdom.

It started out when I recalled that I threw out an umbrella the other day.
It was not a bad umbrella but it had outlived its usefulness. The umbrella tarp was becoming unhinged and torn from from the spindles and this resulted in little or no tension which sucks when the wind kicks up. The start of the rainy season is not yet upon us, although it did rain last week and I was forced to unleash my sad umbrella only to realize that unless I forced myself to throw it in the trash, I would continue using it for the duration of the rainy season. Sometimes the only way to prod myself to action is to throw crap out. Out with the old. Just do it! So I threw that umbrella into the garbage pail and I noticed that today’s morning sky was gray and it seemed any day might turn rainy, unannounced; after all it is Autumn. I thought I should go buy an umbrella while the sun is out. While there is not a mad rush to buy umbrellas because the rain is falling and people need protection.

And these words flew through my mind, but luckily I nabbed them before they escaped for good:

An umbrella is best purchased when the sun is shining.
Insightful, no?

Think about it.
I sure did.
I thought about it a lot, but still, I lack a thorough expostulation which might conclusively spell out the aphorism’s philosophy or stern admonition.

An umbrella is best purchased when the sun is shining.

On the surface, this, I thought….

On the most superficial level, buying an umbrella when it is sunny allows for a thoughtful and scrupulous examination of all pertinent circumstances.

On the next level, buying an umbrella when it is sunny allows you to make wiser decisions. The umbrella you choose is closely mated to your heart’s yearnings., It best reflects that which you emit and which you attract.

Observing the anti-, the contrary: what about buying an umbrella when it is raining?

In such a situation,you buy the umbrella because you need it.
Desire is inconsequential.
The umbrella becomes a cold utility and its materialistic manner essentially dictates your needs. You do not define an umbrella as an umbrella. You define it as an action, as a self-protective fulfillment, you define it not by what it can do but what you need it to do.

Thus trapped, buying an umbrella when it is sunny applied to your life.

(Aim and Desire) to make all grand decisions when you have a moment’s clarity by which to consider and plot them.
Think and anticipate before the clouds of ill-fortune roll in.
Anticipate and plan when the serenity of space and time cushion your reality.

Think of everything twice if you have time. Live your life a such that you have time. Don’t do things “on the go.” Space the increments of existence out and use the clock wisely.

An umbrella is best purchased when the sun is shining.

Do not be a slave to the umbrella.
Be the master of the weather.