A little, teeny while ago I drove to a local 7-11 and withdrew $200 against my better judgement. Let’s face it, 7-11’s are where the failed congregate. WWF mashers, seeking a midnight coffee, gather there. It’s a rough scene. Blue-collar ghettotude abounds.

So, against my better judgement, I withdrew a wad of cash from savings in plain view of the whole overly-illuminated store and as I was leaving, a 13-14 year old fledging ghetto chica was beginning to enter. I grabbed the door first, and unaccustomed to gentlemanly behavior, she stood back as if to wait for me to exit first. But I’m not your typical ‘hood specimen (or child molester). I stood back, propelled the door open, and allowed her to enter before I exited. She glanced at me and uttered not a word. Wow. I continued to my car and left. I felt sorta slighted, but not. You see, if you live in the hood, in the barrio, you better get used to this sort of non-reciprocating thoughtfullness.

Kids (and many adults) in the barrio are the most ill-mannered and ungrateful group you’ll meet.
Before I strongly commit to the spirit of this post, let me clarify and disclaim.

By “barrio ill-mannered behavior,” I’m talking not just of Hispanics in general. I’m speaking of Americanized Mexicans. The Mexican-Americans who were born here but raised in the shadows of white society. Cloistered within their small parochial world of lower-class, prole materialistic “unfulfillments.” They are the worst.

You can find them populating my neighborhood at fast food joints. Or Office Depot. Mexican-Americans who have never thought it fit to integrate their unfriendly asses into the broader Anglo society to which they belong, whether they like it or not.

The clarification is in order because Mexican Mexicans have the best manners ever.
Granted, it’s all in Spanish, but they fucking smile at you and utter all the trite good-mannered scripts. “Gracias” with a smile.
But you need to go to the smaller indie Mexican joints to find such service. Don’t go to the large American chains which feed off the indigent population to staff its slave force. McDonald’s will not hire illegals, so most of the people who work there are M/A kids who can show papers (ie, 95% Mexican-American) and they display the attitude to match. I wish I could send McDonald’s a letter pleading with them to institute a worker exchange program with Mexico in which they would be allowed to bring workers from Tijuana or Jeres just to work for a few weeks at the local McDonald’s. The new attitude would be so refreshing and friendly. Definitely warmer than the ghettotude I’d receive from the local Garfield or Roosevelt High School work-permit senior who is hard pressed to break a smile.

Americanization bestows coolness by proxy and many of the recipients see no need to invest in order to reap the rewards.
They enjoy the benefits without proving they are willing to play the social game. Mexican-Americans will continue to be fucked as long as they cannot reclaim an identity. They will continue enjoying the benefits of American culture while failing to live up to the personal investment required.
Like how about driving and acting like White People?
Is it so difficult to acknowledge the thoughtfulness of others?
What’s up with the “too cool” attitude?
It only matters in the darkened, dead-end recesses of reality. No one who matters gives a shit that you are cool or that you don’t have manners.

Play the game, it is not that painful.
And it even feels good. When I opened the door for the young adolescent attention whore earlier, I felt great. Her inability to reciprocate sincere thanks did not affect me, despite the fact it drove me to write this post. Ha ha.