A double-header Moment(s) in Time

Some days are just filled with more memorable and incidental randomness than others.
And as such, a double-header Moments in Time was born.

Westbound line 40, Montebello Bus Line
7:45 a.m.
Sept 21, 2009

Gold Rope Moment in Time
Early morning bus commute once again same place same time same noisy overbearing engine lugging around a long vehicle filled with people.
And luckily the gray morning makes for a comfy bus ride, people are not shining or reeking yet and everyone is crisp and clean and showered and perfumed and powdered, it’s delightful this bus crowd,
including Golden Roper.
Golden Roper, what do we call him, I’m at a loss to describe styles, I don’t know official names. This guy, Golden Roper, wearing black shorts and a black t-shirt with a flourishing print emblazoned across the front very current and very popular; and a black backwards cap, sullenly sitting there on the sideways rear seats seeking disunity with fellow bus riders by fixating on his cell screen and punching buttons what is it these people look at? Are they reviewing their contact list, are they looking at all the calls they made in the past week? What on earth is there to see in a phone for chrissakes. Music, video games, texting…I suppose. I can’t relate I don’t abuse my phone with such foolishness maybe Mr. Golden Rope was doing all the above. But he was surly and bored and sitting there on the bus in black and the golden rope.
Dude it was the finest and most glittery ghetto gold-plated bling ya ever did see. Homeboy was a mixture of styles here on line 40 as his thumb massaged the cell phone

But in his personal sea of black, his golden egg chain screamed from the ebony depths of his wardrobe, shiny, glittery, large, incongruent in a way, like having 17″ 235’s under your Toyota Tercel. LOL, indeed. Bigass pseudo gold necklace and as we near the Mednik stop, next to East L.A. Municipal court, you suddenly put the phone away
whip out paperwork.
Official, bureaucratic paperwork, stamped and signed and dated and imprinted all over with the officious and self-important judicialese of L.A. County’s justice system, that’s what you hold in your hand now. I’ve seen that crap before, I know where you’re headed Golden Rope guy as you get off the bus and head to court. You are having your
god given day in court in your finest Courtroom attire!!
What did you do?
Beat your girl up?
Steal some ridiculous shit you didn’t need?
I wonder how court went. Did you cop a plea? Are you in County tonight as I type this?

and then

Starbucks, Gower Gulch, Hollywood, corner of Sunset and Gower
2:15 p.m.
Sept 21, 2009

Caffeine and Nicotine Moment in Time
Observed and experienced from a distance, for
I don’t normally hang out at Starbucks during the afternoon during the week, nuh uh
that is
for the retired and homeless and unemployed and artistic and kept
retiring to Starbucks at noon
is the ultimate privilege of the chronically comforted and low-stressed.
not me at Starbucks, not at 2 p.m. I’m talking about hanging at Starbucks, drinking coffee, reading the paper, not about running there with 2 minutes to spare before your lunch break is over
and running back to work while trying
to balance a hot drink which is terribly difficult.
No, during the day, retired and comfy people sit at this Starbucks. Talking and reading and sipping and smoking…tables outside the store, lots of foot traffic, customers with dogs like to sit
outside so their pooch can experience
coffee out in the wild. No dogs allowed except seeing eye dogs and that is the
problem. These people can see, even the old folks.
And this old guy, an old folk, evidently he saw alright! He saw and he ran, old dude, not decrepit old, but old enough not to be threatening, he saw
a young
homeless or runaway, teen, young young man, walking through the outside coffee crowd, saw him simply pick up his box of cigarettes and walk away. The nerve!!!! Old coffee-drinking cigarette-smoking wronged victim man literally chases the young guy down and swats the cigarette box out of his hand with a stern reprimand. The kind of reprimand you’d give your dog or toddler child for doing something wrong that was
the sound of it when this old dude swatted young homeless boy’s hand.
The young homeless boy, skinny as shit and filthy as if he had just rolled around in dirt and dirt and more dirt and then gone for a Hollywood walk to steal cigarettes, he kept on walking! Unaffected, he continue walking…and a cigarette richer for he had managed to pull one out before old
coffee man swatted him. He scurried away with a cigarette! Scurried, good word…he ran off, scolded and yelled at and whipped, like a dog running from a picnic table where he managed to nab a hamburger patty before being hit in the face and yelled at and though he faced scorn and ridicule he won the
because he came away with a cigarette.
Old coffee man got his pack back, minus one cig, but he sat down instead and enjoyed the rest of his peaceful afternoon java.
And skinny homeless runaway boy, with his strange nerve-damaged, crippled walk (poor guy) walking down Gower, toward Fountain, carrying the cigarette in his mouth
and not smoking it at all. His peculiar walk, becoming less visible as he made his way down Gower, further and fruther, holding on to his loot, walking away
but never smoking it
for he had no light!