Daddy’s you-know-what

At the risk of putting that magical phrase Daddy’s Little Girl in the post title and garnering unprecedented and undeserved weekend page views, I’ll simply allude to it in the body of the post.

There is a phenomena of sorts which surfaced in my thoughts yesterday when I posted about my experience with women who escape the fallacious blind eye of the law.   The law may boast of vague attempts at color blindness, but one thing it can never promise or feel indebted to upholding is pussy blindness.

So many men in these parts of the blogosphere are fond of hammering home the weak moral character of women. Selfish and craven and undisciplined characters lacking in any sense of honor. Generally, I think that is fitting description of womanhood en masse.  Still, I’ve known (and know) women who escaped the scourge of impulsive character (or lack thereof). Ultimately, the blame falls on the power brokers, those with the means and ability and standing to discipline and express moral authority and direction. Through this point in history this role has been filled by men. And what have men done with the privilege? Why they’ve chosen to create a breed of woman we currently are treated to on a daily basis.

The male power brokers, acting the part of doting fathers, have refined and elevated the current breed of “daddy’s little girl” and has created a model of woman who has not learned the finer points of sacrifice, accountability, and honor.  Despite reports to the contrary, these are not particularly male traits (and men seem to lack these qualities in abundance now and seem lesser men for it) but women, through the generations, have shown a strong tendency to express such strength within the privacy of the household. Women who grew up in less superfluous times. Women who learned the humbling lesson of what it meant to hold a faltering house together during the roughest of economic and political periods. My mother, who grew up poor and during the austerity of WWII, represents an inner simplicity and strength that man, spoiled by contrast in his modern incarnation, no longer passes on to his female heirs.  In fact, now that man has “earned” the right to luxury, he showers his daughters with spoils and shelters her from harm and the miseries of life.  Man ventures out and carries this mindset with him and treats woman as the underserving Goddess and firmly imprints in her soul and mind the expectation that by virtue of her femininity the notion that she will never bow to the gods of rule and law.

Man, strutting his alpha macho so-called solidity around like a plastic costume and roaring like the king of the jungle he pretends to be, acts like a mouse when it comes to Woman.
He coddles her, he softens her, he insulates her from the ravages of unpleasantness.
He weakens her and lets her run off to her own unrestrained feminine devices. In the absence of rigorous discipline, woman degenerates into a slothful and moral glutton, unaware and unconcered with the ramification of self-serving avarice.

She is Daddy’s Little Girl.