Philosophy Day: Laugh Today, Cry Tomorrow

Today is a Philosophy Day.

They happen to me occassionally.

On such days, from the moment I open my eyes in the morning to the moment I close them at night, my mind races like an uncontrollable engine and won’t stop trying to wrap itself around making sense of this life and existence.

So naturally, today, September freakin’ 21st, the last day of Summer, has been one such Philosophy Day.

Sitting on the bus on the way home tonight, listening to my headphones and trying not to look at the little gangster with the Laugh Today, Cry Tomorrow Clown tattoo sitting across from me, I experienced a small revelation.

And I mulled it over and refined it so that by the time I got off the bus and walked up a few blocks to my apartment, I had carved out a thought, an idea, maybe something that can be called a truism. And it’s all mine.

Remember that even when the sky is the limit, the earth will always be your anchor.

Haha, you may want to quiz me, what does that mean anyways.

I think we all know what it means, it’s not that profound.

Despite this, I’m sure we can all take something away from it which is uniquely applicable to our own life.

For me: the boundaries of my aspirations are very much limited by the finite capabilities of my physical body. Spiritual and emotional goals and accomplishments can be vast and miraculous but they lack weight and substance. And when your mortal shell tires and falls into slumber, the earth will swallow you up for good regardless of how magnificent the heavens appear.

Just my personal interpretation.