The solution: a new masculinity

Why, a solution to what, you ask?
Why just peer back in time, like about 24 hours, and read about the sociological dilemma of our times as I see it.

Done, good.

So, the problem I’ve fashioned….
Let me start further back.

There is no problem, really. Hence, the solution is not really a solution for can there be a solution in the absence of a problem?
I think not. Sounds a bit like the old “if a tree falls in the forest” quandary,

The scenario I postulated yesterday is merely that…a scenario.
It’s only a problem for those who stand to lose the most: men. Even though most of them don’t know it. I say it’s not a problem because frankly the world will continue to function and evolve wonderfully as it has for the previous few thousand years. The only difference being the interjection of new, strange values which contradict and besmirch the traditional values of male-dominated generations of yore. Who knows, maybe in a hundred years the dominance of feminine values in our world will be complete and “primitive” masculine values will be relegated to the dustbin of historical shame.

We are not looking to save the world by foreshadowing this possibility. We are looking to save the masculine legacy of our species. The problem is that we cannot count on all males to care when they are too concerned about booking little Johnny’s appointment at Little Kuts or panicking about the slow descent of his home’s value toward the icky world of Upsidedownland. Yeah right, the normal guy in such a situation is really going to care a lot about society’s renunciation of his gender’s farcical primitive role.

So in this respect, I don’t feel I’m proposing a solution nor anything resembling such.

I witness, on a daily basis, the emergence of an insidious womanization which has begun infiltrating the inner mechanism of society. I watch as men are ridiculed and shamed and exposed as dumb asses. I can’t blame Hollywood or Wall Street. I find it very, very difficult to believe that the dollar creates anything. The dollar merely follows. The dollar emulates the pulse of society and reflects it right back at us in a crazed, self-replicating mirror.

First of all, men must stop blaming. They must stop haranguing the women and gays and liberals. It’s time to right the ship and adapt.

Women have adapted excellently to the world man created.

Women took what they were handed and created a fluid, slippery culture that is modeled on their nuanced perceptions and the maze of wiring that drives them. They have usurped the communication and the mode and morphed the world into something that resembles their mind.

We have relinquished control of the car. We’ve jumped into the passenger seat and made a fuss about it while the windows were closed.

Man will never be “man” again. Man will never conquer his environment through physical prowess or muscular might. Man’s stoicism and linear expressiveness will no longer grease the loins of culture, now modern and dense. The new landscape is no longer covered and disrupted with canyons, ravines, lions or fatal gorges; the new landscape is no longer riddled with the microscopic obstacle course of microbes or the unsanitary food-handling which allowed them to proliferate. The new cultural landscape requires different tools and bringing the old “John Wayne” mentality to the modern world is akin to bringing a gun to the knife fight (albeit, to complete the accurate comparison, bringing a gun with no bullets).

The new landscape is self-contained in the circuitry of our technological age, in the disguised and subtle gradations of human behavior and manipulation. The new landscape is not inherently female or male, however, by virtue of its design, it is most efficiently and forcefully steered by the hands which display female social and perceptive skills; a world view which derives strength from social cues and meta-awareness; from finely-tuned perception and the recognition of subtle power plays and social maneuvering. Whereas we once needed a man’s hands to open a swath of space through which we could navigate the dense forest and its deadly fauna, we now require the socially intelligent skills required to manipulate the social jungle and its complex and entangling fauna. Perception and intuition are the auspicious skills of the day.

Once upon a time, brute physical force sustained control of our environment. Now, brute cognitive force performs the function. By “cognitive” I refer to those elements issuing from our mind: emotional, intellectual, social. A combination of these items mixed together in a powerful stew ready to face combat in society’s new battlefield.

The solution is not a solution.
The solution is a way, it is an alignment. A refocus.
It is possible for man to reassert his finer traits in this realm. It is possible for John Wayne to rise within the new paradigm and inject his hard-edged reality. Man is capable but first he must question that which is notoriously assumed to be his weakness. That which it is assumed he lacks. For instance, intuition. It is vitally important for a man to recognize and utilize this hidden ability. Intuition is not the sole provenance of the female, despite our archaic understanding of the concept. Intuition is the absorption of one’s environmental perceptions and fashioning a cohesive understanding from their mixture. Intuition is the ability to integrate these perceptions into a unified whole which can help predict how various elements will evolve and interact in the future. Man, using his primal instincts, his evolutionary hunting background, is equipped with the skills of patient and perceptive observance. Now it’s time for him to recognize these and put them to use.

Man must throw off his chains of helplessness. He must steady his psyche and fine tune his perceptions and ignore the peripheral cultural distractions clouding his brain.

To begin anew.
With himself, and most importantly, with his sons.

Man needs to be serious again. He must eschew the petty contrivances of feminine culture. It’s time for him to reclaim his soul from the voracious jaws of the plastic world that has captured his gaze. He must become a hunter again.