An answer: Man’s obsolescence and a very special boutique

When I crash landed in this blogosector last year, I felt like an extraterrestrial life form thrust into the oozing guts of a peculiar civilization. I still feel like that extraterrestrial, but I believe I have a better understanding of this peculiar civilization.

Being that I entered through the Roissy portal, my initial contacts were Game-related and further perusing thus led me onto a path which devolved into the adjacent school of MRM/MRA. I agreed with much; and doubted much. But the material was intriguing and it was difficult to digest, as a man, without experiencing vivid sensations of frustration transcending into outright fury. I’m not likely to embrace the MRM world view anytime soon, for I don’t share the immediate emotional stain of having been directly wronged by the female matrix. Not directly, I’ll emphasize. Still, the fact remains inescapable that “womanization” has infiltrated all aspects of modern society, and in one way or another, if you are a man, your primal masculine interests have been subverted by the emerging culture of woman.

It’s a fact of life.

However, in my personal sphere, I’ve escaped the extra-dimensional maze that are divorce/family courts (even though I am divorced with one child). If I chose to channel indignant anger at anyone or anything, it would need to be our elitist and oligarchical Federal government which has long since whored out its integrity to the swashbuckling Alpha-infused greed of Big Business.

By far the most interesting aspect or “sub-movement” of the MRM is that of men who self-define as “MGTOW” or “Ghost.” Most intriguing to myself is the fact that I saw much of myself in this branch of fledgling off-the-grid types. Although the difference being that I seek to flee the consumerist matrix as opposed to the feminist matrix…which I think ultimately are one and the same. Funny that MGTOW, an acronym for Men Going Their Own Way, is descriptive of a process, an intermediate step, in its verb form. It’s not Men Gone Their Own Way. Going. It struck me as a half-hearted, unfinished process. And I got to thinking that the underlying philosophy of MGTOW is really incompatible with public discussion or organized movement. For a man to really Go his Own Way entails that he is GOING. Leaving the whole stinking thing behind and never looking back. To become entangled in details at such a juncture and to become involved in the slightest bit (and still finding the energy and stamina to rail against women) merely means he hasn’t gone. And maybe many MGTOWers have no intention of really leaving and are simply full of shit. It’s the height of disingenuous self-consciousness to boast of “opting out” while going so far as creating or joining such a quasi-movement while continuing to erect its perceptible structure by one’s own contradictory avid involvement. Thus, in action, they are opting in, but in words they are opting out.

Their fucking fixation with women while attempting to seek obvious self-empowerment/emotional retaliation by proclaiming to the world that We Don’t Need You Anymore reminds me of the little piece of shit Chihuahua that belongs to one of my neighbors. When you walk by the yard, the dog peers at you viciously from behind the chain link fence. However, the minute you walk past the property boundary, the little chickenshit starts yapping away at you. This reminds me of much of the MRM/MGTOW’s hapless bluster. Just a normal perusal of any MRA or MGTOW-oriented site will list a multide of like-minded material: men fucked by family courts, men fucked by courts in gender-related cases, men fucked by employers, men fucked by the education system…men simply fucked. I don’t find men wear the victimization hat very well. The truth is that if you’re a regular man and you decide to drop off the grid, not one single female will give a flying fuck except maybe your mother, and I would suppose your wife, if you’re married. Women have the pick of the Beta litter, men line up to lick their pedicured toes. You think one less uncooperative man will concern the female mass?

Men are fucked. I don’t argue this nor do I deny it.
But I am unable to focus purely on the man issue.
I’m a big picture kind of guy.
And this is a big picture predicament. A very BIG picture.

For the plight of modern man can only be accurately considered in its rightful context of societal evolution. To fail to do so is to embrace helplessness and victimization. Only through the conception of the global and timeless forces at work can we realize the continental shift in human society that eludes our well-meaning influence.

The big picture I spoke of: manhood, in the sense that we know it or have been made aware of it in a historic context, and on which we have relied for survival the last few thousand years, is sinking into obsolescence. Manhood’s relevance is being phased out by virtue of his very own success. We envision Utopia. We demand its fruition with our hard-earned dollars. We enlist the wonders of rapidly evolving technology. We seek to live longer and enjoy more bountiful lives. We work to increase our free time so we can enjoy the recreational shit that acts as a buffer and release from the portion of life we spend working and creating and greasing the wheels which run civilization. The unglamorous mechanics of this world. With each generation, we succeed a little more. Since the Industrial Revolution, each generation has superseded its forefather’s attainments in miraculous ways.

In fact, speaking of that, I saw something this morning that aligned the context of my thoughts with reality, so to speak. It flipped the lid off a dormant worldly reality which directs the male/female dynamic.

Oddly, what elicited my contemplation was the inconspicuous presence of a small boutique on Lake Avenue in Pasadena, called Little Kuts. Little Kuts, a hair salon catering to children. Complete with the children’s motifs: balloons, toys to entertain the toddler while he waits for his haircut, stick drawings on the storefront glass. It is a fucking Romper Room nightmare come visit your local barber shop. In the little time I spent walking by the shop I saw loads of children, fathers and mothers in tow, fulfilling the penultimate yuppy dream of herd-like parental wimpdom. A hair salon for children. Please tell me, is it possible for a traditionally masculine culture to co-exist in a society where children have their own hair salons?

The specialization of the modern consumer market, the ultra-segmentation of market sectors, the focussed catering to each and every consumerist whim is man’s death knell.

MGTOW my ass.
Yeah, men better go, and keep going. And never come back, because their time on this earth is numbered. A society in which such wasteful incrementalism has usurped the market demands of a bored and tremulous populace is no place for traditional man. I am not singling out Little Kuts…I’m singling out the mentality which gives rise to such nonsense, the culture which spawns such egalitarian sickness embedded deeply in the market-driven matrix that seeks to sow a profit at the expense of a weak and characterless self-devouring wasteland of upper middle class Klingons.

Little Kuts sits in a part of Pasadena that brims with SWPL affectations. Everyone looks the same, dresses the same. Slender bodies scraping single-digit body fat readings, conservative and casually smart attired parental folk marauding through the walkways and byways of their urban village, lugging children to their own hair shops and stopping on the way to purchase cups of caffeinated hybrid sugary crap that resembles coffee in the same that way Lady GaGa represents femininity. It reeks of homogenization and it reeks of the future. A future in which man and woman and their spawn come together in a monolithic mass of indistinguishable human detritus.

To: all you MRA’s: I hate to break it to you this way.

The fight is lost.
Manhood, that traditional masculine role you futilely defend, is dead. You are defending a relic, a discarded mask. You are defending a memory, you are defending the shell of an extinct gender model. Manhood will never revisit its old self, that which you romanticize with your antiquated tales of valiant men and his valiant deeds. There is no more valiant, the need is long faded. The traditional masculine Man is the odd one out in this world and its self-obsessed and self-indulgent feminine values.

In addition, as technology advances, so will our ability to fulfill the arts of extravagant spoiling and specialization and whimsical superficiality, and the less man’s intrinsic masculine strengths, molded over thousands of years of hard living, will be in demand. Stoicism, honorable brutishness, physical altruism…tell me, what the fuck do we need these for in a world of children’s boutiques?

Those of you living way off the beaten track, in the hinterlands of anti-SWPLdom, don’t laugh. SWPL’s are coming to get you. As high-minded and high-cultured SWPL pretensions seep into society and pop culture, I guarantee you that in very little time, you too will be taking your toy poodle for a shampoo and a pedicure (don’t forget the ribbons). Today’s SWPL yearnings are the precursors of tomorrow’s consumerist mindset; those who can afford it, financially and socially, are the harbingers of tomorrow’s fads.

MGTOW is accurate, really.
Feel free to leave today’s world behind and never look back.

You, with your masculine principles spawned and demanded in the Bronze Age, are a relic. You’re a Goddamned museum piece and in the face of ever-advancing society with its beloved technology which makes our life easier and lazier, the age of femininity will reign supreme. The spoils of technological and scientific progress will not be deterred.

Amidst plush comfort and dearth of grueling hardship, men will continue to assimilate the qualities of womanhood and woman will continue to assimilate the qualities of manhood. And children will get their own hair salons.

The only way I envision traditional manhood making a return engagement is through the occurrence of a large scale global calamity which essentially neuters and lays obsolete all technological progress born in the last few hundreds of years. Wayward asteroid, anyone? There is simply no other reason traditional man is relevant when machines do everything he once did with his hands and soul.

And women will not grant us that out of the goodness of their heart nor will men demand it out of the ruggedness of theirs.

Tomorrow I will hypothesize a solution.