Mental Chronicles 1

White and Nerdy is having some problems.
First and foremost, he cannot get laid.
For the modern male in his 20’s and beyond, virginity is an oppressive curse, a heavy social weight locked around your neck.
It is the stigma that keeps on giving. The longer a man wallows in virginity, the more time there is for ill feelings of alienation to fester and multiply exponentially. Rather than nurturing the seeds of hope, each luckless day brings with it unprecedented levels of anguish. It’s not really about the sex. We’re talking about all the extraneous personal shit that leads to a man’s state of virginity, the lack of acceptance he experiences, and the neutering of his sexual and social vitality. These are the very real effects of a man’s involuntary virginity. The “outcasting” of a man, the sublimation of his soul to dejection and hopelessness.

The virginity feeds the mind.
Actually, doesn’t feed it. Leeches from the mind; devours and pummels it.

When I first discovered White and Nerdy’s blog, Omega Virgin Revolt, he had just published 2 or 3 posts, each purporting to expose the mistreatment he has received at the hands of women, mostly co-workers. My initial reaction was to browbeat the guy. The posts reeked of victimization, a guttural helplessness which placed blame everywhere but his own hands.

White and Nerdy’s primary lament underlying his blue-balled torture is that women, by virtue of their evil natures, have collectively, albeit unconsciously, conspired to deprive him and other men of sex. Unfolded a bit further, modern culture, tainted by feminism, has structured itself in such a manner that he (and others of his ilk), are denied access to women due to the their inherent social shortcomings. He also accuses women of actively seeking to destroy his livelihood and good name. He is unforgiving and persistent in his reiteration of this meme. He points out several instances in which women, supposedly unprovoked, filed sexual harassment accusations against him which threatened his job in the STEM sector.

Reading through his posts, I underwent several reactions of incredulity. On the one hand, maybe the guy really is falling prey to the dubious and evil machinations perpetrated by various women he encounters in his daily life.
But I also find myself wondering if he’s fallen prey to a groundless paranoia which allows himself a self-portrayal of the archetypal tormented social misfit who elicits sadistic levels of feminine abuse and antipathy which may or may not exist in reality but which seem large and imposing from behind the curtains of alienation.

I wonder if he’s relinquished control of his dignity to all his putative female tormentors who are really just ordinary women who might be slightly creeped out by his standoffish behavior.

As I said, my initial reaction to his posts was skepticism. In fact I was a bit harsh in some comments in which I obliquely hinted at mental illness as the cause of his inability to get laid and I used my own pathetic past as a contrasting backdrop. “If I was able to get laid when I was in my 20s, there’s no reason you can’t unless you’re nuts,” was the gist of my scolding. Looking back, calling White and Nerdy mentally ill was a bit ironic.

On Saturday, White and Nerdy posted an entry titled “Aspergers Syndrome” in which he ventured that perhaps the mental health field has begun to fall back on a lazy, overused diagnosis of Aspergers when confronted with men who are socially unable to initiate sexual relations with women (and the concomitant character failings that inevitably accompany such a pitiful mess of a man who drags himself into the psychologist’s office). Essentially accusing psychologists and psychiatrists of mindlessly buying into an enigmatic female practice of persecuting socially maladjusted men.

White and Nerdy theorizes that mental health professionals are participating in a concerted effort to “pathologize” socially undeveloped men in order to assuage womanhood of any personal blame for their mistreatment of men who haven’t proven able to fit the mold. Once ostracized and fallen out of favor, it is virtually impossible for such a man to gain a foothold in the realm of normal social activities, as the feminine matrix is less than willing or forgiving.

Captured my attention.
Am I buying?
Not completely.

But…I believe there are some kernels of truth in White and Nerdy’s superficially outlandish postulation. Even though his ideas may seem farfetched (and some of them might very well be), I believe that buried deep in his paranoid, pod people accusations, there is a very real and demonstrable movement, a paradigm shift if you will, afoot, which is carelessly casting legions of poorly socialized young men into the realm of the mentally disordered.

I’ve been down this road.
In his Aspergers post, I commented and described a revelatory history of my own…and I used the podium to detail my distrust of the mental health “profession.”

Back in my late teens, early 20′s, I was fighting some serious cognitive and social oddities brought on by my stunted levels of socialization. This brought me to the shrink, obviously. The psychologists volunteered voluminous levels of diagnostic bullshit and the psychiatrists fed me neuroleptics and anti-depressants. The side effects were horrible. I told the psychiatrist ‘fuck this, I’m not taking this shit anymore’ and I walked away and never looked back.
The mental health field is feminized claptrap and obviously we are well aware of the power of the pharmaceutical industry. Rather than attend to personality and emotional immaturities which are behavioral in origin, they fall back on the DSM flavor of the month.

I have volumes to say about this. About my personal history and its parallels to White and Nerdy and other young men in similar situations. And rather than laugh or condescendingly trivialize their lot in life as some self-created burden that they need to snap out of, as if were so easy, I’ve begun to look at these guys in a very personal and empathetic light. I once walked in these shoes and actually, I still do. But not in the way you probably think.

(The next Mental Chronicles installment will examine what I call the “feminization” of the mental health field).