The False Rape Society

Holy mackerel.
I’d hate to be college-aged kid wallowing in today’s sexual marketplace of gender imbalances.

The blogospheric agonizing over the definition and nature of rape astounds me.

Walking on eggshells man.
Everyone, especially men, are doing that.

It’s a messy fucking sexual minefield.
Everyone is running scared and timidly defensive as the subject of rape, and by extension, date-rape, raises its dirty head.

On the one hand you have men who are tormented by the oppressive threat of false rape accusations. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who was falsely accused of rape and any woman you bang is capable of walking into the police station the day after and claiming you raped her based on a regret-laden capricious whim. With this mindset, I’m surprised these guys are able to even get it up. Good sex is facilitated by an environment that is clear and “unobstructed.” Worry, self-obsession, fear…this shit is not conducive to good sex. Sometimes it’s good to shake things up a bit, for sure. Having sex in public, doing it somewhere you shouldn’t, doing it spontaneously at the most inopportune times…sure that’s all fun enough. But think back to those times…how good was the sex in the true sense of the word? It was the extrasensory quirks that made it more exciting, that’s all.

If I have any doubt the woman I’m having sex with will turn it into something that may eventually turn up on a court docket, I can guarantee you I will not enjoy it. For this reason I could never bring myself to have sex with a 17-year-old girl (theoretical damnit, humor me) because the fear of “17 will get you 20” hanging over my head would trounce all joy.

C’mon, it’s all about joy, isn’t it?
Sex is joy. Sex is fun.
It should be.

Why turn it into fucking Mission Impossible or the Bourne Identity?
Sex should be kept simple and mutual.
My thoughts about rape are undoubtedly not popular within the MRA community and amongst the general mansphere.

We’re dealing with two worlds.

The 18-25 year old, campus-dwelling demographic.
Those young kids unleashed on the world for the first time in their lives. Throw the legal drug, alcohol, into the mix. You know a train wreck is in the making.

The second group. Everyone else.

I wonder how many guys realize or bother to trouble themselves with the female concept of sexuality.

A woman’s sexuality is her most closely guarded prize.
A woman holds her own sexuality in the highest regard. It is the treasured jewel of her pre-menopausal existence.

As men, it’s hard to relate to this. Our sexuality is defined by sex. It is defined by fucking. A woman’s self-definition of sexuality is ethereal and almost spiritual. It is an internalized essence of her being. Of course, there are women for whom this does not apply, usually the skanks and the whores. But I’m talking about decent women you want to surround yourself with.

As a man you are placing your coarse definition of sexuality squarely over the woman’s soft and delicate sense of the same quality.

You’re playing with fire.
Sex is fire.
The law favors woman in this regard.
It favors the weaker. Those lacking the power to fend off assaults upon their fragile sexuality.

Personally I don’t understand how a man can screw up so badly that he falls prey to a false rape accusation charge. Am I saying it never happens? Of course not. False accusations are filed for all kinds of crimes, not only rape.

The rape dynamic, however, is far more within your control than say, another example in which you may find yourself resembling a perp who all the witnesses agree is You, even though your only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rape is difficult to back into.

First of all, how clueless can you be to the character or nature of the woman you’re sleeping with?

This is the point where a man has to do some work. Get a feel for the girl, for her emotional state, arrive at a sexual profile on the spot: is she stable? Even if you didn’t know her before tonight, a few hours interacting with a woman should give you all the info you need. Listen to her answers, her speech, study her mannerisms….there is the road map to her personality profile and just how far you should shy away from her.

Second of all, I’ve never experienced resistance once a woman was undressed. Never. If a woman shows the slightest resistance during your initial moves when everyone still has their clothes on, just stop. If she won’t kiss you on the lips, she sure as hell isn’t going to let you stick anything in her. The minute a woman disrobes there is a 99.4% chance she will willingly climb the “ladder.” But if you’ve been at it for an hour and she’s flirting and smiling and touching, and you finally go for it and she resists, it’s time to swallow your pride. Tone down the ego. All that bullshit where she initially gave you the “signals” you gladly interpreted as sexual willingness was just a bluff, it was an example of a woman enjoying the dynamic of flirtation, of sexual vibing. Women can get off on that. Part of that sex act I talked about earlier.

Yes, yes. If you nudge your way past her barriers because you’re such a Man, and you whittle down her defenses through incessant begging, big deal. Even though you have entered the fortress, her mental chamber is still locked. If she is mentally or spiritually unwilling and if have you have failed to find the secret passageway to that area of her soul, she will regret it. And then you may very well be in danger.

This is what I’m saying.

Women are entirely capable of falsely accusing a man of rape based on regrets, second thoughts, any of the other multitude of female self-defensive impulses. A woman’s mind works in multi-directional phases. It ricochets off its own (and other’s) thoughts and whims like a pinball, and in a woman’s mind, anything can become possible. Almost any woman, given the correct circumstances and enough sheepish and conformist validation from all her girlfriends, can even convince herself that the Earth is flat. It’s against this backdrop that false rape accusations are entirely possible.

The nature of woman has been such for millenia , gentlemen. Not news. Don’t cry about it now.

We are men. The strong and stable gender. We alone determine how this plays out. We dictate and steer the mechanics whereby a woman sleeps with us. Man turns weak, he turns into a Poodle, hands the reigns to women and this is the kind of shit that happens. He has sex and faces handcuffs. He creates his own undoing.

Are you a man or a rat?