Just another happily unmarried diatribe.

A post up on Seasons of Tumult And Discord this morning which calls to task the popular and media-driven perception that married women get laid more than single men.

The comments predictably concur, including my own.

You have this modern pop culture which is really nothing but “pop.”

As in fueled by all that which the media conglomerates spew in order to rake in the dollar$.

Studies, marketing surveys, they all tell us what we know: the biggest media consumers are women in their 20s and 30s. They are the group that sits in front of the television most. They are the group which absorbs television through its porous membranes.

The mainstream media, knowing this, regurgitates its viewer’s wet dreams; in this case, the Grand Tale of the Prince Charming / Marriage Complex. Consequently all factual “information” which pours out their vacuous mouths is the popular meme that Marriage is Good; Marriage has Benefits; et fucking c.

How many studies have you heard of which proclaim that married people live longer!?

I loved Bill Maher’s take on this from his “Feminist” bit:

I was married for 7 years.

I experienced most facets of marriage I could ever experience within the bounds of sanity.

I realized something that I’ll never learn to forget.
Marriage is like brussel sprouts.
It delights some.
It disgusts others.
No one can deny the benefits.

There shouldn’t be judgment involved.
One’s perception and desire should not color their opinion.

I love brussel sprouts.
I don’t expect every one I meet to love them.
Why am I talking about brussel sprouts?
Don’t you love Phoenixism?

C’mon, lie if you have to.

I’m married to Phoenixism, actually.

I can sit here and spew about the instituion of marriage ad nauseum.
We are all married in one form.
Even my good righty friend, Mark.

The lowest amongst us are married to utter, debilitating solitude.
Married to the rug.
Married to an empty image.

What is wrong with being married to another person who complements your spiritual emptiness?

My parents have been married for 45 years.

You cannot live together with someone that long without a serious Adult Moment.

There is a dignity which I admire.

I wish it could be mine, but it’s not. And never will be.
My fatalistic nature always triumphs. Unhappiness is a strong draw.
I need what I want now.

I’m not incredibly forward-reaching. I know what will make me happy tomorrow.
But I need to be happy today.
The greatest of all fucking predicaments.

Athol has the balls to expose his married life to this coven of male interlopers.

We fear his life.
We run from it. Some of us have fled it. Escaped it.
But he lives it.
And who knows.
Maybe Athol is really a disgruntled and overweight middle-aged, unmarried woman from Connecticut.

The point is that Athol speaks for many happily married people.
Who cares the grounds of their happiness?

Be happy for yourself.
Derive happiness in your life.
Don’t worry about those stinking married people.

9 Replies to “Just another happily unmarried diatribe.”

  1. “I’m not incredibly forward-reaching. I know what will make me happy tomorrow.
    But I need to be happy today.
    The greatest of all fucking predicaments.”

    that pretty much sums up the dilemma/dichotomy that runs through my mind when i think of long term commitment/marriage. wow. the older i get, the more i have to face this media concoction that marriage is for everyone and you’re defective if you doubt all the sugar coated media versions of how marriage is.

  2. Ah, Mrs. Wicked, I forgot to mention this. I recommended to Mr. Phoenix that he should NOT get married. For I knew that he was not suited for married life. Oh he tried, but when he told of his marriage failing, I was not surprised. Also, when there is a child involved, it is no longer just the two involved in the marriage to begin with. And you are correct that it does take two to make it work and fail. But, sometimes when one should not have married in the first place, it puts the onus much more on that person rather than the other. And please, I have been called much worse for less :-) !

  3. You know Mark, I’ve been married to He Who Loves All Things Wicked for longer than Athol has been married and I would be willing to lay money down, judging from what you’ve said that we have been married longer than you and Mrs. G, as well. One thing I have learned is, you never, ever know what is truly going on inside another marraige. Me teasing David about his marriage, as I was in my previous post, and you outright calling him out as someone who knows him IRL, are two totally different things. Quite honestly, it’s a dick move and makes you look more like an ass than usual. It takes two people to create a marriage and two to have one fail. While I do enjoy my marital relationship, I also do have friends who are genuinely not suited for marriage. They recognize it, I recognize it and no one is really capable or has any reason to place judgement. Oh, my bad, no one except you.

  4. Hmm, maybe I can shed light on your bad marriage. Tell your fans HOW you got married Mr. Phoenix. That DOES play a role into how a marriage will work out or not. Miss Wicked, believe me, the former Mrs. Phoenix was a saint to put up with this guy. I will be the first to admit that marriages do not work out. Mrs. G was divorced. Convinced that she would never remarry. I was convinced that I would never marry. We met and the rest is history. But you see, Mrs. G has gotten to know me. As I her. And yes, she puts up with a lot from me! But we are still together. I think that Mr. Phoenix, you just need to find that special someone. Maybe the photoshop gal from your previous post. YUM! Seriously, I know a lot of unhappy unmarried people too. Most actually envy what I have. I do not look at marriage as stiffling. That is because we know each other and encourage each other. There, enough of this. Like I write, this is a trainwreck in the making. But I am always along for the ride!

  5. I love you in that far removed, internet sort of way. That being said, I can’t help but imagine that you put into your marraige what you put into your new passion. An often fatalistic and dark view. Probably not the most conducive of marital environments. Again, I love you, from a distance, in a “I don’t really know you nor do I actually ever have to deal with you” kind of way. :kissblow:

  6. Maybe Athol is really a disgruntled and overweight middle-aged, unmarried woman from Connecticut.

    LMAO. :-)

    There’s only one of me on Facebook. Go look…

    That being said… I have never said that marriage has no risks involved – they are quite serious and costly should it all go down the tubes. What I do say is that there is hope that it can work and that when it does work it is wonderful. Going into marriage, or being in a marriage obsessed with the fatalism of the majority of the game community will however likely create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Then you say “SEE! I told you it was all going to blow up!”

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