The 5,218,422nd observation about the Alpha trait. It’s the gospel, ya bastards.

That’s right, dig it?
I’m not shitting you.

5,218,422 observations about the revered and mystified trait of ALPHA!

I’m sure most people outside this rarefied mansphere couldn’t give a silverbacked monkey’s ass about Alpha, but us weak and nerdy guys eat this shit up.
If we can’t be Alpha, or anything close to it, we love talking about it and dissembling it until we’re left with nothing but a stack of gnawed bones and the Golden glory of Alpha still fresh in the air.

The newest pile of bones can be found over at Planet Grok as he carries the Alpha torch to the next nerdified lap

PG boldly calls his entry into keyboard alpha-jockeydom “The Defining Trait of a Natural Alpha.”
And according to him,

The one trait that all natural alphas share is a complete disregard for another person’s personal space.

PG presumes to inform us that the natural Alpha, our primal King, takes up space for chrissakes. The natural Alpha walks through anything and he has no regard (or brakes) if the human form presents itself in his path, or happens to intrude upon his outskirts. The Alpha walks where he wants to walk, even if it’s down the middle of the aisle which is intended for two. The Alpha will make offensive contact with you if you happen to obstruct his path.

Now I don’t take exception to PG’s idea but I think he misses the mark by claiming this is the defining trait.

The “defining trait” is quite a bold statement.

A “defining trait” is the Alpha of all traits! Ha. I like that. My thought, as stated, coiled on itself, used against itself. Like a snake swallowing itself.

Planet Grok: the defining trait?

I would put it this way: all natural Alphas do move through spacetime unencumbered by the social niceties of demureness and reticence, but not all who take up space are Alpha. An Alpha will not smile and bow meekly when confronted with an oncoming human object. So yes, PG is correct. But it’s not the defining trait, it’s a principal trait.

Of course there are people who are clueless, impolite, thoughtless, fat…people who take up space with no apparent human explanation other than the fact they are completely lame.

Reminds me, tonight on the Red Line, coming home, I saw this young guy I’ve seen before. He’s humongous. He is tall and big. He has a teased out ‘fro but he’s not of African ancestry. He might be Samoan, or less likely, Hispanic. Usually he stands (and now I know why) and I guess he is about 6’4″-6’6″. And wide. Not fat, but very “thick-boned.” I wouldn’t want to fuck with the guy. Well today I sat on the same row as he…he was in the next aisle of seats. There was no way for him to not take up space. One of this guy’s legs was as large as my torso, how the hell is he supposed to not take up space, to move around crowded train stations without brushing up against people. Now is he Alpha? Based on his size, yeah, but his deportment doesn’t quite have me convinced. “Disregard” for personal space may be the function of any of a million possible variables. Alpha being but one.

PG’s assertion reminds me that many HBDers tread on thin ice when they begin venturing into the unpredictable zone of human sexuality. I love PG, his HBD stuff is priceless and his new blog really tears it up, but Alpha observations are frightening when they originate from a position of dweebiness.
98% of everything I read in this blogosector regarding “Alpha” oozes Dweeb. Like believing Alphas are inherently space hogs.

Do all Alphas take up lots of space?

Of course not. I think a true Alpha takes up as much space as he needs, but the noble Alpha will not needlessly monopolize space.

I’ll tell you what the defining Alpha trait is.

Defining I say.
Forget that personal space crap.

No, it’s steadiness.
Steadiness is calm strength.
Steadiness is absolute consistency of behavior and manner in the face of drastic environmental flux.
Steadiness is a heart of stone. And a soul to match.

It allows an Alpha to barrel forward when the world around him is crashing down in pieces.
Steadiness is the defining Alpha trait.

Now this was not going to be my post tonight.
I had some other treat lined up.


During the day I thought of PG’s farfetched definition.
And I remembered a photo I grabbed from the internet a long time ago.
Of an Alpha dog.

OK, I’m making that up.
But isn’t he your instinctual notion of an Alpha animal?
I suspect this Pit Bull, in the face of a raging lion that outweighs it by hundreds of pounds, would fight to the death. And fear would barely enter his mind.

Alpha is a primitive and non-cognitive trait. This is why humans are not, and can never be Alpha. We think too much. We emotionalize. Maybe I overstated, but I believe any “Alphaness” we have to volunteer the animal kingdom is tame and watered down versions of the basic trait.

That dog.

Put yourself in that dog’s head. Fully. And live your life by completely filling in all the blanks necessary in order to achieve that canine Alpha state.

And then maybe you can get a vague glimpse of Alpha.

From your thinking human brain.

7 Replies to “The 5,218,422nd observation about the Alpha trait. It’s the gospel, ya bastards.”

  1. Being short sucks as a guy. Heightism is very common, unfortunately, and most guys who are 6′ and taller don’t even have a clue it exists because they’ve never been subjected to it.

    It is just one of those primal things, and people can’t help but respond to tallness as a part of dominance. It has been said that taller people make more money, get promoted more often, etc. This has been known for some time.

    Ever seen the movie Gattica?

  2. Hmm, I actually like Pit Bulls. They get a bad rep. For the most part, it is the OWNERS that screw them up. When we have taken our dog, Scout, to the dog park, for the most part the Pit Bulls are the nicest dogs. So long as they are fixed. Then they are a problem. Anyhow, I did not realize that you suffer from Short Man’s Disease. All I know is that I never make eye contact on public transportation. That is what a book or a newspaper is for. If I do make eye contact, I do it very discreetly. OK, maybe as discreet as an anvil. But you know what I mean. Anyhow, you should not worry about this crap. Have a little Night Train and then YOU become the Alpha male!

  3. Alphas presence are always dominant. Wicked is right, the picture of the Pit bull says it all. Anyone that’s taller than me makes me think that they’re alphas just cuz they look down on me … literally…

  4. The picture of the Pit Bull really says it all. First, since pits are my favorite, I am partial, but here is the thing, you can stand a beagle next to a pit bull, you can teach it to bark when the pit bull barks. You can teach it to growl when the pit bull growls. You can teach it to pace when the pit bull paces. But, in the end, a beagle will never be able to fake the beauty and grace that pit bull naturally posesses. No amount of obnoxious behaviour or cyber lessons will ever make an Alpha. Sorry boys, you may pick up a few women, but you will never truly transform yourself into an Alpha.

  5. I love how HBD blogs feel that they can opine with great authority on Game mainly because you know, they read some books about Game and no longer piss themselves at the prospect of talking to women in bars.

    It’s like me asking Mystery about his take on Cavelli-Sforza’s conclusions on population genetics. I’m sure he could give me an answer if pressed, but it wouldn’t be worth anything.

  6. Complete agreement. Whenever I find someone with a disregard for personal space, I immediately discount them as someone desirable. It’s incredibly unattractive. The most alpha men I know are the steady, calm, knowing ones.

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