Perish the noble pursuit


Now if I were to say this is a noble pursuit.
Would you laugh?
Sneer cynically?
Ignore me?


Noble pursuits.


Is there room for such a thing anymore? Do we live in ignoble times?
I believe you can get a sense of a society’s harshness by taking a measure of its sense of cynicism.


I can’t imagine that anyone claiming to undertake a noble pursuit in this day and age would be viewed as anything less than a quack or a scam artist, or even a self-deluded sap.






Increase the scorn tenfold…and that is the fate of the Noble Pursuit in the City of the Angels. Such is the state of urban living in the land of celebrities and celebrity worship where ideas are shunned in favor of the cult of hollow gratification that the only self-described “noble” pursuits involve plastic or metal (or maybe even a good dose of silicon).


For if the “noble” idea perplexes the common comprehension of the time, the concept of noble pursuits doubly loses meaning and relevance.