Blogroll addition: The Dreamin’ Demon (“Real. Life. Horror.”)

Everyone does crime.
It’s all over the net. Google crime and you’ll see just how darkly starved the human race is for murder and mayhem and abuse and other forms of human cruelty. It’s amazing. Hey, I love it too. Before this wonderful project, I had another blog a year previously where I tried my hand at crime blogging. It is amazingly easy to do adequately. To do it well and creatively…that’s another story.

There are too many try hards and lame brains trying to carry the Crime torch and instead they present a mangled and twisted bloody blog farce…in fact many of these crime blogs look like they have been run over by an intellectual lawn mower in both appearance and content.

So when I first discovered The Dreamin’ Demon I was hooked. As the tagline says, “Real. Life. Horror.”

This dude, this Dreamin’ Demon guy, has designed an awesome crime site that is suitably morbid and twisted in just the right doses. He has the black humor down just right and he imparts a good dose of it on all the stories he covers; he manages to turn even the most gruesome murder into an object of uncomfortable humor without making a mockery of it or himself. Where does he get all these stories??

Recently he’s expanded his site. In addition to true crime he now has sections for movies, television and books, all with a Crime twist.

And twisted he is.

In case you don’t want to soil your computer by visiting his site, here’s a sample of DD’s wonderful crime coverage (and a tribute to his ability to dig up the most obscure local incidents which you’d never find on CNN).
Krista Arceneaux Slipped The Kid Some Tongue

Oakhurst, CA – When I came across this little story, three words came to mind: What. The. Hell? Here we have 37-year-old Krista Arceneaux – yes, a real looker, ain’t she?! A bit rough for 37, but with the right makeup, the right lighting, and a couple cases of Corona, she’d rank about a 5.5 or so. Krista was sitting outside of a bar last Wednesday evening when she spied a 6-year-old boy walking across a parking lot with his family. Whether it was because she was inebriated to the point of complete retardation or because she harbors some secret desire for little boys, Krista bolted from her chair, ran to the little kiddo, told him he was sexy, and laid on one him – tongue and all. Needless to say, the kiddos parents weren’t exactly thrilled with Krista’s nasty little show of affection and confronted her, sending her scurrying back to the bar. And that’s about the time Krista came a little unhinged.

Reported in DD’s impeccably dry and bewildered (with a slight tinge of horror) manner.

Go for it, don’t worry about your computer. You can wipe it clean afterwards.