My past, wearing cuff-links and a double-breasted suit, pounds at the front door


I can’t even tell you if I’m traumatized.
Shocked, surprised, aghast.


Nah, those words are too strong.


Taken aback maybe.


It’s funny that on the heels of my Where Does Phoenixism Go When The Sun Comes Out? post the other day where I openly wondered if anyone I know reads my bog, I suddenly find 4 comments this morning from an old friend.


An old friend who is the focal point of many of my youthful (and not so youthful) chemically enhanced and legality-testing indiscretions.


In fact, I would go so far as to say that he literally “stars” in nearly all my Some Ridiculous Things I’ve Done While Drunk anecdotes. If I was getting drunk or stoned, he was there. Many times he led the way, but of course, I happily followed.


He became a respectable church man. Got married, married God, found his right-wing niche way out on the wayward fringes of the political spectrum. He stopped drinking, he stopped indulging in countless other shameful spectacles long before I ever saw fit to stop myself. Heh heh.


And now he’s returned. He’s still clean and living a respectable, well-manicured life.


Blogging surely serves some function. Not sure quite what it is yet.


Well the good news, I have a new reader.
Actually, that’s assuming a lot.
Could be his main attraction here is Phoenixism’s special brand of trainwreck appeal.


Good to talk to you again, you damned washed up lush! I look forward to all your coldly insulting comments.


You might need to say some prayers after reading through here. Do you Episcopals do the confession thing? That might be something to keep in mind.



3 Replies to “My past, wearing cuff-links and a double-breasted suit, pounds at the front door”

  1. That is RIGHT View From The Left Coast! Oh, and I HATE double-breasted suits. Traditional lapels, full Windsor tie knot! And you are right. This blog is a train wreck! Oh, one more thing. Share with your readers your nearly joining the John Birch Society. Not even I went that far!

  2. First of all it is the EPISCOPAL CHURCH! Yes, we do have confession. Corporate and individual. It is right in the Book Of Common Prayer. I prefer the 1928 over 1979. BTW, I have ALWAYS been a right-winger. You are wrong. I have not stopped some of my shameful spectacles, as you refer to them as. Oh, throw in that I became a Freemason last year. Yeah, I am part of the cult to take over the world! Yes, some call us “Catholic light”.

  3. I thought we Catholics were the only guilt infested religion…but I guess I haven’t gone to any other church so my opinion may be biased. Pray for us all…especially me cause I read here every chance I get…lol.

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