Mentally deranged Arnav Gupta goes to Washington and makes a martyr of himself.

I have no idea if Arnav Gupta was an anti-Trump lunatic.

But he chose to set himself on fire near the White House yesterday, and now we learn he dieded. Another symbolic barb against our government for the Left to gush over.

The man who set himself on fire on a lawn near the White House on Wednesday has died in the hospital after suffering burns to 85 percent of his body. 

He had been reported missing by his family around the time that he was seen setting himself on fire on a lawn at Ellipse Park near the White House. 

Arnav Gupta, 33, was identified by US Park Police on Thursday after dying in the hospital. 

Gupta was from Bethesda, Maryland. His motive for the deadly stunt remains unclear.    

Well Gupta did do us at least one service – he made it abundantly clear that anti-Trumpism represents a range of mental aberrations ranging from being mildly annoying to outright suicidal psychosis.

Donald Trump has stirred up the fanciful lunacy of a deranged American culture that lay dormant for decades. The scourge, unseen, lurks in the walls of our nation, and Trump is the gas that drives them to the open where we can extinguish them, en masse.

The next challenge: to convince all Leftists that self-immolation is the honorable thing to do.

I’ll even spring for the matches.