Dan Ackroyd talks about dribbling and extraterrestrial impregnation of nubile young Earth women; at least he’s not bagging on President Trump.

The glass is half full. When every other celebrity (past and present, relevant and not) seems incontrovertibly fated to rant against President Trump, Dan Ackroyd’s strange interstellar fetish fixation reads like a breath of fresh air.

It could be worse.

Ghostbusters star Dan Ackroyd is convinced aliens are already here – and that they want to have sex with human women.

The actor says he’s seen four UFOs and that most extra terrestrials who pop by Earth are just tourists coming to “look at this beautiful planet”.

However, the star is concerned that some aliens want to harm people and use them as “lab rats”.

And Dan is convinced that 60% of us already “know it’s true”.

He told the¬†Daily Star¬†: “The proof is going to start dribbling out. The aliens are interested in your ova, your femininity, your reproductive parts, your DNA.

They’re coming for your daughters.