The Leftist hit list: you just might be next.

It’s easy to lapse into complacency. It’s difficult to sustain vigilance when the day begins innocuously.

The slow encroachment of totalitarian Leftism assures that we, on on the vociferous Right, are being lulled into the warm comfort of a tumultuous pot of water that is incrementally headed toward a deadly boil. We watch as heads are lopped. We exclaim and protest privately into the futility of our Echo Domains.

But we resume our lives. Our voices, faint, seek security in the anonymity of diminutive cyber-presence.

No one visits, I’m tiny. I blog!

But the wave is portentous. The muzzle of virtuous leftism grows, emboldened by a society steered by mainstream venues of conformity that spouts a mind-numbing bland monotony of quips and smug affectations.

The big voices are first to be trampled.

Fueled by young victory, emboldened, the tidal wave subsumes all in its wake, down to the smallest voices. The faintest whispers of uncooperative and reckless rebellion quashed by liberal culture.