There was a popular sage back in the day. Her name was Janis, I believe, and being the typical hippie degenerate, she died by the sword.

But she imparted one memorable lyric before her sudden departure. In her drug-addled wake, she bestowed us with an astute observation about personal autonomy.

She told us:

Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose 

So elegantly true!

Inarguable and biting. Most memorable prose is simply saying shit we know to be true, but with a unique flourish. Freedom is relinquishment of the ties that bind us, isn’t it? The less you worry about your own hide, the more you can enjoy proportionate measures of liberty.

Yeah, whatever. Who in this room can really walk that talk? If you’re typing this shit on the internet, or reading it, chances are you have ties because this tripe ain’t free. On either end.

However, there are small gestures of fuck-you liberty we can all indulge in within the greater context of this marvelous pall called 21st Century existence.

And my gesture?

Why it’s my online reputation and illusive peer standing which I ultimately don’t fret much about. I maintain a Twitter account for this blog and from which I usually stay off the radar. But…occasionally not.

How is it that Twitter, when trying to fashion such a sterile cult of hypersensitive etiquette, sounds like such a prim and proper old hag? Pestering over your shoulder like a frantic mosquito seeking to assuage the world of all that is harsh and less than nice. Twitter, and all mainstream social media, is impersonally evil and monolithic, but at the end of the day when parceling out behavior awards (and punishments), these monstrous entities of popular expression strike me as harmless old schoolmarms.

In the kerfuffle illustrated above, the image that began it all:

This has been my default meme for a symbolic “death to socialism” mantra. Obviously, the double entendre is not lost on me, the author, but this is what makes it more “powerful.” If anything, it could be argued to promote “other-harm,” not “self-” Twitter’s user alert system is so weak that it allows pathetic Leftists to distort context to their own political and idealogical ends.

When is a noose not really a noose?

Don’t ask Twitter…they obviously can’t be troubled with such nuance when it’s simpler, and lazier, to give unpopular users a “time out.”

If you attempt to appeal the stern time out, you’ll receive a “last-chance” notice rounded off with a touchy-feely platitude.

Please know that there are people out there who care about you, and that you are not alone.

That is, as long as you’re not a right-winger.