Man’s collective consciousness evolves toward collective omniscience.

Mankind has always been on a quest to conquer.

“Conquer,” as a term of semantics, is wrought with the human quality and expectation of overrunning civilizations and lands and peoples, but conquer as a term of objectivity is merely to embark on a progressive round of generational evolution; a new ladder rung of our social and cultural “upward” trajectory but which, given our anthropomorphic tendency to define all concepts around our humanly motivations, our drives, does not necessarily connote the spacial direction of “upwards” but rather, extension of our existence to broaden its encircled drive to envelope greater swaths of reality in its fold.

Mankind conquered lands, territories; then he conquered the air, the unfathomable distances of cosmic space and the quantum-level hyper-elemental quagmire of life at its simplest, and most eerily genuine, state.

Always conquering. Man conquers. He extends his tendrils further than they are capable. Nothing stops man from conquering.

The next step in his pitiless progression of conquering is that of nature, himself, and God.

Man’s new mission of conquest has set its sights on nature.

After nature, he will embark on himself, and once he’s conquered himself, he is God.

Exclusive footage of pioneering work by Russian and South Korean scientists finding oldest blood ever discovered from deep in the Ice Age.

The video highlights the moment the best preserved Ice age animal ever found was dissected in the name of science.

It was during this laboratory autopsy that they discovery of liquid blood in the baby horse, boosting hopes of cloning the extinct Lenskaya horse species back to life and paving the way for a similar attempt with the woolly mammoth. 

The blood is believed to be the oldest ever found, as reported here yesterday. 

Now we can reveal that during this groundbreaking procedure scientists also found urine intact in the prehistoric foal – but sadly failed to discover any mother’s milk in the  animal which drowned aged less than two weeks old some 42,000 years ago. 

The experts in a laboratory in Yakutsk are dissecting the ancient foal in an attempt to obtain cells which can be used in a cloning bid. 

What is the innate drive, what latent mechanism drives mankind to embrace and swallow existence’s last crumbs?

This amorphous and indescribable thing called “consciousness,” the persistent thread which extends through the mass of collective realities we call “existence” and connects us like a reclusive, omniscient deity, draws us forth to conquer. We are propelled by this cosmic master to usurp God. To ascend the arc of existence in search of that inkling of omniscience that can only come together when we all finally join minds under the umbrella of a unified consciousness.

One day.