Help me…I’m Chrissy Metz’s shoes and I must breathe…

More baffling media adulation of obesita vulgaris to be found here as online chick crack outlet, POPSUGAR, fawns over the ungodliest fate to ever befall a pair of doomed shoes: those asked to support to mammoth demands of Chrissy Metz’s gravity-enhanced megafield.

These were stiletto’s a few hours ago

Perhaps POPSUGAR is subtly throwing some fat-shaming shade Metz’s way with their plaintive headline:

Chrissy Metz Found the Comfiest Shoes For Owning the Red Carpet, and I Want Them Now


In, in other words, if this sow can wear these all night, anyone can.

It’s a shining symbol of our diseased society that this deranged accumulation of terrible lifestyle habits achieves such heralded status. Sick. Gluttons like this should be shamed and ostracized and left to sink into their own melting cauldron of simmering adipose. They do not deserve to receive the slightest iota of elevated social status.

At least she has shoes.