Western History keeps dying and we keep LOLing.

Our ancestors were tremendous. They created feats of beauty from the rudimentary materials of their day.

Artistry, craft, astounding diligence and commitment created intricate temples of human endeavor.

We still create such monuments, but the artistry is watered down down by corporate committee, technology scolds innovation, and machinery tools the edifice. We are left with great temples born of computers and powerful software and inhuman precision.

The human is gone and our only trace to humanity is in antiquity.

What we once created, what we once constructed, by the toil and sweat of our hands and windswept brows through the deadly chill of winter and the perfidious heat of summer is our relic reminder to what we once were.

It’s not wholly about religion or the archaic social institutions of previous eras: it’s what our past represents, the human nature which prevailed, the traditionalism of those ancient generations.

The Left hates the past for what is says about the roots of our psyche.

What we were is what we are.

The Left is delighted to see the past destroyed, razed. It’s a vengeful glee they experience as the landscape is wiped sterile of all Bad Things so they can erect their pall of blandness and deceit in its place.

Classic society wanes and the Left celebrates.