Utah Jazz’s very own Kyle Korver is nauseatingly guilty of “racial sycophanting.”

Of course I know the word “sycophant” is not normally, much less semantically, reserved for verb usage, but I encountered this piece over on CNN (not The Onion, though in this case…) that screams for us to use sycophant as an active descriptor of Kyle Korver’s guilt-ridden screed, “Privileged,” which appeared in The Player’s Tribune, a sports-oriented daily publication.

Korver, a (White) guard from the NBA’s Utah Jazz, took to the newsletter to lament the unfairness of “White privilege” he’s witnessed sooo many times in his privileged life.

If the irony of that sentence doesn’t evoke a smirk, I don’t know what to tell ya. Korver is hamming it up in the victim department. Virtue signaling is to be witnessed in abundance.

He’s guilty of egregious “racial sycophanting.”

NBA player Kyle Korver revealed Monday in an intensely personal essay that he has struggled with the privilege he’s been granted as a white man, and he tasked himself with becoming a “part of the solution” against racism.
“I know that, as a white man, I have to hold my fellow white men accountable,” Korver, a guard for the Utah Jazz, wrote in his article titled “Privileged” in The Players’ Tribune.

He goes on to detail a couple of tame incidents which illustrated his White privilege but which don’t dispel much of my clear-minded cynicism. A White man playing a lucrative game in an overwhelmingly Black sport should probably resist proselytizing about the harshness of life’s unfairness to Blacks when his experience is pretty much confined to prima dona ballers and thugs.

Sure Kyle, tell us more. We’re listening. Your gall is a veritable iron weight around your neck.

Korver added that white people are not “guilty of the sins of our forefathers,” but are, he believes, “responsible for them.”
“It’s not about guilt. It’s not about pointing fingers, or passing blame. It’s about responsibility,” Korver wrote.
“It’s about understanding on a fundamental level that black people and white people, they still have it different in America. And that those differences come from an ugly history….. not some random divide.”
Korver put forth some of his own efforts “that are starting to ring most true” toward thwarting racism, including:
“I have to continue to educate myself on the history of racism in America.”
“I have to listen. I’ll say it again, because it’s that important. I have to listen.”
“I have to support leaders who see racial justice as fundamental — as something that’s at the heart of nearly every major issue in our country today.”
“I have to do my best to recognize when to get out of the way — in order to amplify the voices of marginalized groups that so often get lost.”

I defy you to argue that Korver’s words and rambling naiveté don’t deserve the “verbing” of “sycophant. This cosmic level of virtue signaling is in a class of its own. The only privilege here is genetic privilege, not White or Black or any color. How many of us are blessed with the physical gifts and abilities to compete in the Millionaire’s Hoops Club?

Korver needs to be quiet and get back to the court; now that’s he’s bent over backwards to foment such good will.