Phillip Ray Lester, non-testament to sheer cranial capacity.

Virtue-signalers are fond of propounding, subtly, the notion that you can’t judge a book by its cover. In this sense, that historical truism is too trite and unironic for today’s standoffish Liberal memeing self-proclaimed intelligentsia.

But the sentiment is implied by their talk, stances and SoshMedia proclamations.

So…lest you think Phillip Ray Lester is hard at work unraveling the next great quantum discovery or piecing together a revolutionary theory of everything on his chalkboard, I have disappointing news for you.



He’s not.

In spite of that massive cranium.


Fresno Police arrested 61-year-old Phillip Ray Lester, Tuesday, charging him with assault with a deadly weapon.

Police said the two men were homeless and that Lester initiated the fight.

“[Lester] went to the other homeless person’s camping area began tearing down his tent,” Fresno Police Lt. Mark Hudson told the station. “That’s when the victim confronted him, and that’s when the suspect began striking him with a baseball bat.”


Uh, yeah…no.

That skull must hold more empty air than a full-sized transport van for the Indigenous Midgets of Oz.