An everyday example of how Leftist thought permeates and pollutes formerly dignified culture.

If something happens in my daily life that bears exposure on these dignified pages, I usually post it right away.  Thing is, something happened back on President’s Day, however, and it has been brewing bitterly in my mind since.  Unsure where to place this little anecdote;  I must write!

So, as I said, it was President’s Day.  The entire world has the freaking day off except my ridiculous company.  On the flip side, at least the rush hour commute, to and fro, was good, by L.A. standards.

Since it was a school holiday (and what isn’t), one of my co-workers, a grandmother, was left holding the bag, ie, 2 young grandsons, about 8 or 10.  The inadvertent conjunction of the holiday with her employer’s non-holiday left them in her care and she had little choice but to bring them to work.   I’m sure the little boys were thrilled.

This grandmother is friendly, in the lame, shallow work-friend level, with my disgusting officemate, all 300+ pounds of her vile, slithering, burping lump of liberal fat.

My officemate is an anti-Trump,  SJW, virtue-signaling piece of shit.  She’s loud, obnoxious, lazy, stupid, rash, overbearing, hedonistic…a real fat-ass stereotype in every massive way.

Anyways, grandma brought her little load of rambunctious overflow to our office to visit and the normal bullshit “talk like a kid” stuff ensued.   I relate terribly to children so I’m terrible at that game and I don’t “get along” well with children in the respect that I can’t reduce myself to their level.  It’s a hang-up of mine that is even worse when infants are involved.  I cannot do baby talk at all. I cannot do child talk. In fact, I can’t do adult talk either, but that’s another post, another time.

So grandma is bringing the kids around and talking to my Leftist fat office mate and they are blah-blahing and I’m not listening too closely because I frankly don’t care what they are carrying on about. I’m a supremely skilled “tuner-outer” and a chain of conversation could be happening 3 feet away but if I don’t care, I will simply cut the channels of that nonsense and those sound waves will not enter my headspace, fully formed.  A great skill, btw.   I recommend that all who read this refine said skill.

So they are talking and I have no idea which direction the conversation has headed but for whatever reason they are talking to the kids about a relative or friend who has two fathers.

The part that re-captured my attention was my officemate’s Mr. Rogers’ level of instructional tone as she lessoned the 2 boys, “And it’s OK for him to have 2 fathers.  There’s nothing wrong with _____ having 2 dads.  Right?”

I raised an eyebrow. I thought about it later. Grandma said nothing during this immoral lecture.

I have no idea how the grandmother feels about gay marriage, gay adoption, or just faggotry in general, but is it acceptable to preach at young children, who have no relation to you, about the virtues and acceptability of gay parenthood?  I think not.  The grandma might have had no opinion whatsoever, but it is not appropriate to tell stranger’s children that anything faggot-related is “OK.”  That is not your job.  If their parents are against gay marriage, I’m sure they would not be pleased to learn of this impromptu SJW course in fag acceptance.   

If it had been me, I would have made it a point to rebut my officemate’s drivel with an opposing viewpoint, just because.  Just because I love argument and I hate fat liberals.