The coming wave of mosque harassment will bring corresponding waves of consternation signaling.

Does this deserve to be called “news?”


An investigation into a possible hate crime is underway Sunday following a small fire at an Escondido mosque, where officials said they found a note that referenced the recent massacre in New Zealand.

Escondido police and firefighters responded to the scene after receiving a report of a fire at the Islamic Center of Escondido around 3:15 a.m., Lt. Chris Lick said.

People inside the place of worship saw flames and came out to extinguish the blaze, Lick said. While nobody suffered any injuries, the fire scorched the exterior of the building, the lieutenant added.

The mosque was holding a religious retreat at the time, Lick said


Welcome to the brave new world of Mosque-bashing.  Stick a pork in it.

Remember when guns, and all things gun, were the panacea of the moment, complete with all the predictable liberal Consternation Signaling?  All it takes is one amplified event to set off a reverberating string of never-ending Consternation Signaling, and guns owned the stage.

Guns still own much of the stage in the consternation realm, but now they may need to share the stage with a new consternation prop:  Mosques.

Now all things anti-Mosque-related, from pork defacement to arson to mass shootings will assume a larger-than-Left significance.  The most piddling juvenile incidents of anti-Islamic timbre will be inflated to epic and gargantuan scales of symbolism and consternation.

You know it’s coming.

If the Islamic Center of Escondido had been “St. Joseph’s Catholic Church,” I doubt the fire would have received any attention or coverage from the press, and the Left, irrefutably fixated only on the ordained consternation props of today’s Orwellian hive mind, would not have cared.

But it’s a Mosque.

This so much more than small fire;  it’s the embodiment of the evils of Christian, Western society!  Send the reporters in and let’s make this a story worthy of much consternation.