Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Queen of Liberal tropes, fails to accuse Asians of “systemic excellence.”

The other day I mentioned one of the most common Leftist semantic tropes in today’s dialog: the indulgence in the use of the word “inclusive” to denote grievance and castigation.

This morning, I saw another Leftist trope which essentially serves the same Liberal function. An ostensibly neutral word garnered for their own political agenda and regurgitated incessantly to the bitter end. And if there is anyone better suited to regurgitate said Leftist tropes, it’s none other than our favorite walking trope.


system(ic) failure

An ambiguous phrase the Left uses to defer blame to everyone and anything except the Chronic Victim of the Day.

Yes, I agree; systemic failure defines the very fact that less that 1% of Black applicants are accepted to Stuyvesant, but the flawed system is ethnic/familial, not educational.

Are we to assume Asians suffer from systemic excellence?

I wonder if, in the same vein as Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary, we oughta compile a thorough list of all Liberal catchphrases and hijacking of the English language to persistently spout emotive arguments lacking in reason or logic. Words which, inculcated with leftist symbolism, are used in place of intelligent or cohesive description or explanation.